How to Clean & Restore Mosaic Floor Tile at Home [2021]

We all have different types of floor in our home. You might have a floor called 'mosaic floor'. This type of floor needs a special type of cleaning.

In this post, we are going to guide you on How to Clean Mosaic Floor. These steps are widely used and preferred for mosaic floor cleaning.

What is Mosaic Floor?

The main part that you should know is that the mosaic floor is not different. The Mosaic is a special pattern of tiles, stones, ceramic, porcelain, glass, etc. One of the important thing about mosaic floor pattern is that they are thousands of years old. Also, they are used in places other than floors. In the mosaic floor, there can be several colours in the pattern. For installing the Mosaic Floor, you have two options:-

Either use different tiles and arrange them in a mosaic pattern

Or use a pre-designed mosaic tile and install directly

How to Clean the Mosaic Floor?

The mosaic floor looks great but they get dirty very easily. One of the most common and best ways for cleaning stains from the mosaic floor is:-

Take baking soda and water.

Now mix them until you get a perfect mixture.

Now apply it on stains.

After that, let it dry for some time (≈15 mins).

Now scrub the area with the help of a scrubber or brush.

Rub efficiently to get rid of all marks

CONGRATULATIONS! You get stains thrown out of your floor.

Normal Ways of Cleaning Mosaic Floor Tile

We have discussed some of the ways to get rid of stains from the mosaic floor. But now for general and regular cleaning, the following methods can be used.

Vacuum Cleaning

Using vacuum cleaners have always been an interesting part of cleaning. It eats up all the dirt present on the floor.

Vacuum Cleaning could be a great option for cleaning dust particles from your floor. In short, this will help you set up the first layer of floor cleaning.


Now the second and most important layer of floor cleaning is mopping. I am sure you have done mopping before. But, I want to do it with perfection.

So, Mopping is not the first step. First, you should clean the dust particles by vacuum cleaning. Now its time to get a floor cleaner and start mopping.

Using mopping directly over dust will leave your floor with bad appearance.

How to restore the Mosaic Floor Cleaner?

Well if you are looking for cleaning the mosaic floor, then I have already discussed it. But If you have cracks and pits in your mosaic floor and you want to restore them - THEN it is MUCH DIFFICULT!

Well, I have said difficult, not IMPOSSIBLE!

It depends whether you have zero or full expertise. It also depends upon the condition of your mosaic floor.

Things could get complex if you try to restore a mosaic floor with zero experience in flooring.

Well, I would advise you to Hire a Professional for this work. You can find him anywhere on your Market.

If you have experience of flooring, also your floor is not in WORST CONDITION! Then you can buy pieces of mosaic tile that matches your pattern and starts installing.

CAUTION: If you have no expertise in flooring then hire a professional. Don't try experimenting because it may spoil the designs and patterns of your floor.

Is Acid Suitable for Mosaic Floor Cleaning?

Well, A Big NO! Acid is not a solution for everything. Particularly in case of a mosaic floor where you need special care, you can't go with an acid to clean mosaic floor.

Acid ruptures the natural beauty of mosaic tiles. Not in the case of mosaic, but other tiles, marbles and floors become dull with continuous use of acid.

An acid like Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) is commonly considered for cleaning. Even some of the people advise to use them.

But they are too harsh on your floor. They are used to get impurity out from a lot of solutions. But, the same thing doesn't apply on the floor.

While cleaning with acid for the first time, you will get better results. This is the thing that pulls users to use it continuously.

Repetitive and continuous use of acids for cleaning takes away shine from your floor. You would only get an ordinary floor left.

In the case of the mosaic floor, people with coloured tiles combination may harm their floor. The acid will take away the colours of tile and will disrupt the combination also. In Extreme cases, acid has changed blue tiles to white also.

I will never recommend the use of acids for floor cleaning. Also, you should consider mild floor cleaners for floors needed special care. Even though, if you want to use acid then go for a diluted one and don't use it every time.


This was all about mosaic floor cleaning. I think you know now how to clean the mosaic floor. I have also made sure to give a brief idea on how to restore the mosaic floor.

Apart from that, removing stains from the mosaic floor is not enough. You should regularly clean it. Normal ways of cleaning the mosaic floor have also been discussed. 

Mosaic Floor is not a floor that you get installed and forgotten. They need special care and maintenance. Good and effective maintenance will give you long-lasting, sparking and eye-catching mosaic floor.

So this was all about cleaning the mosaic floor. If you have got stains left or wanna ask something then drop a comment below. Share this content to those who are looking for the same solution!

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