Best Floor Cleaner Liquid in India 2021 - Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Floor Cleaner in India

We all have been looking for a clean and sparkling floor that reflects our face. But what happens, your floor remains an ordinary one.

Want to get out of it?

Then today I am gonna tell you some of the best floor cleaners in India. These floor cleaner liquid are best to look for if you live in India.

In a matter of trust, you will be seeing the best liquid floor cleaner brands in India. They will turn your dull floor to a sparkling one. 

If you are not familiar with it, Floor Cleaners are chemicals that intend to clean the floors of your house including tiles too. They also work to clean up all sorts of germs and viruses present on the floor.

In today's post, we are going to review 10 best floor cleaners suitable for your home, a buying guide and some of the frequently asked questions.

Now Let's Jump In !!

Best Floor Cleaner Liquid in India - Reviews

Lizol Disinfectant Surface and Floor Cleaner - 5L

Lizol Floor Cleaner Liquid

The number one and best floor cleaner liquid in our list comes from Lizol Brand. The Brand is recognizable and people are well aware of it. It brings in a floor cleaner recommended by the Indian Medical Association (IMA). The Disinfectant formula of Lizol Floor cleaner wipes out 99.9% of germs. It provides a fresh and germ-free floor to your family. It is available in 7 different fragrances that suit you well. Its shelf life is 24 months and provides 10 times better cleaning than Phenyl or Detergent. Along with fragrances, it removes all kinds of stains from your floor. The floor cleaner fights out with microorganisms causing a different kind of diseases. Its diluted solution can be used for normal places while the direct solution is suitable for extra unhygienic places.


  • A diluted solution is good for use
  • The fragrance after applying is awesome
  • Works fine on any kind of surfaces


  • It doesn't contain Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach)

Domex Disinfectant Floor Cleaner - 5L

Domex Floor Cleaner Liquid

Second disinfectant Floor Cleaner in our list comes from Domex brand. Earlier, you have used its Toilet Cleaner but now it comes with a Floor Cleaner too. It is suitable to keep your home clean, germ-free and fresh. The best disinfecting chemical 'Sodium Hypochlorite' is present in this floor cleaner. Domex Floor Cleaner can be used for different surface cleanings like ceramic tiles, normal floorings, hard floorings, bathroom fixtures, etc. It is simple to use and provides a sparkling clean floor. It removes the toughest stains present on your floor. The dilution of this floor cleaner is recommended with water. It can be used as a sprayer for cleaning walls.

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  • The floor cleaning performance is good and top rated
  • Its Sodium Hypochlorite Formula ensures better Germ Killing
  • It dries fast and doesn't make the floor slippery


  • It doesn't contain any mild or floral fragrance
  • The product appears to be diluted

Amazon Brand - Presto! Disinfectant Floor Cleaner - 5L

Amazon Brand Presto Floor Cleaner Liquid

Now we are here with our third floor cleaner liquid from international brand Presto. The Presto Floor cleaner kills almost every bacteria or germ from your surface. If you mess up with stains every day, then this floor cleaner can get rid of all of them. It can remove Kitchen stains coffee, ketchup, etc very easily. By using this you get a refreshing fragrance in the whole room. Its diluted solution can pull out most of your cleaning work. For areas which are heavily soiled, you can use an undiluted solution of Presto Floor Cleaner. A capful of this Floor Cleaner with water can be used to clean your Floors including tiles too. 

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  • The price is comparably low compared to market prices
  • Gives you an insect free environment inside your home
  • Diluted solution can be used to clean furniture


  • The fragrances don't last for too long
  • Contain BenzalKonium Chloride rather than Sodium Hypochlorite

PaxClean ECO Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner - 5L

PaxClean Floor Cleaner Liquid

Our fourth floor cleaner liquid is from Paxclean brand. It is fully trustable Indian brand operating as sub-brand under PAX. It is being operated since 1977. Its chemical formula provides better prevention from viruses causing Cold, Flu, Infections and other diseases. The PaxClean Floor Cleaner disinfects the surface by killing 99.9% of germs within half a minute. PaxClean active ingredients not only clean the surfaces but also makes them to fragrant. Its wide range of applications provides cleanliness to hard as well as soft surfaces. It can be used in Living Rooms, Kitchens, Dining Areas, Bathrooms and Toilets.

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  • The Surface cleaner is cost-effective and reasonably priced
  • It can be used in fog spraying machine
  • It can be used in various types of floor for cleaning


  • Cleans good but Doesn't provide crystal clear floor after mopping
  • More Quantity of floor cleaner is needed for dilution

Dettol Liquid Floor Cleaner - 1L

Dettol Floor Cleaner Liquid

Number five in our best floor cleaner liquid list is Dettol. It is a brand that needs no introduction. It presents to you their antibacterial and fresh floor cleaner which provides enormous cleaning to your floors. It can remove the toughest stains on your floor. It also kills 99.9% of surface bacteria. It gives your floor a sparkling shine and pleasant smelling fragrance. You can Mix the floor cleaner with water and use it. Its dilution solution is preferred for floors only. You can also check their surface disinfectant liquid for protection from viruses.

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  • Provides clean rooms with 100 per cent hygienic floors
  • A wide variety of floors can be cleaned with it
  • Kill all germs present on the floor of your room


  • It doesn't come with big quantity pack like 5 Litres
  • It is much costly than other floor cleaners in India

Nimyl Herbal Floor Cleaner - 5L

Nimyl Floor Cleaner Liquid

Our sixth floor cleaner is from Nimyl. It is one most actionable and natural floor cleaner. The floor cleaner especially harnesses the power of neem. Its unique formula containing neem removes 99.9% germs from the floor. It is free from chlorine which is harmful to health. It claims to be 100 per cent made with natural components. With the help of Nimyl Floor cleaner, you can expect a clean and hygienic floor. The floor cleaner is baby and pet friendly that doesn't cause repetitive sneezes. It provides long-lasting fragrance to your floors after applying. It can be used directly as well as diluted with water.

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  • It is induced with the power of neem making floor disease-free
  • It is suitable for crawling babies as well as pets too
  • It is insect resistance and doesn't allow insects coming to your floors


  • The product appears to be less concentrated and more liquid
  • Some may experience the pungent smell of camphor present as an ingredient

Herbal Strategi Floor Cleaner and Disinfectant - 2L

Herbal Strategi Floor Cleaner

The seventh spot is grabbed by Herbal Strategi Floor Cleaner. It's more focused to provide a hygienic floor. The disinfectant is not comprised of harmful chemicals and made up of herbal ingredients only. It is also environment friendly. It is an insect repellent that makes intruding of insects impossible to your house. It is generally available in half and 2-litre packaging. You can dilute it with water and mop on your floor. It is free from any kind of harsh and toxic chemicals. Its eco-friendly characteristic makes it safe for pets like cats and dogs. It is also safe for any kind of floors.

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  • It is insect repellent but doesn't contain any insecticides or chemicals
  • It is safe to use in wood flooring
  • Fully Biodegradable and remained water can be used to water plants


  • It is effective to a limited extent and a bit costly compared to others
  • The fragrance of lemongrass is quite strong 

Dabur Sanitize Disinfectant Floor Cleaner - 1L

Dabur Floor Cleaner Liquid

Dabur Floor Cleaner is now our number eighth floor cleaner liquid and disinfectant. It kills 99.9% Germs and Virus. It also leaves floral fragrance after applying to the floor. The floor cleaner is suitable for all kind of floors. It also works on floors like Marbles, Tiles and Granite. Only a half cap of floor cleaner can do your work for the whole day. The floor cleaner from Dabur shouldn't be used in cleaning the furniture. Its chemical formula is based upon Benzalkonium Chloride. Its Dirt Trap Technology traps and settles the dust at the bottom so that you don't have to change water repetitively

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  • This floor cleaner is suitable to clear all kind of hard floors
  • It is best to use for sanitizing your room floor 
  • It provides you with a pleasant and floral fragrance after using


  • The surface becomes a bit sticky after using the floor cleaner
  • The floor is not recommended to use in wooden floorings

Organica ThinkSafe Natural Floor Cleaner - 2L

Organica ThinkSafe Floor Cleaner

Now number ninth floor cleaner in our list is from Organica. As the name suggests, the brand focuses on natural floor cleaner. It is generally made from natural plant-based surface-active agents and essential oils. Its naturally derived formula prevents from virus and keeps your loved ones safe. It is pH neutral (6-7) which makes it safe to use even with your hands. It removes all kind of stains like spills, grease, food spills, etc. In addition to this, it provides a sparkling and shining floor. It is eco friendly and doesn't contain harmful chemicals lime Chlorine and Ammonia.

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  • It can be used in a wide range of floorings including marble too
  • The Floor Cleaner doesn't contain any Hard Chemical or Acid
  • It absorbs all kind of dust from the floor making it clean


  • It doesn't work as an insect repellent
  • The Floor cleaner is overpriced compared to the quantity

Wavex Concentrate Floor Cleaner - 5L

Wavex Floor Cleaner Liquid

Our last and one of the important floor cleaner is from Wavex. This floor cleaner is fully concentrated. You are free to make 15 litres from 5 litres pack of Wavex Floor Cleaner. The 5-litre pack from Wavex comes in 5 different fragrances. It leaves a perfect and pleasant fragrance on your floor. From Wavex Floor Cleaner, You can expect a white and shiny floor. It is free of chemicals like Sodium Hydroxide. The floor cleaner is also suitable for various types of tiles. The fragrance from it works as ants and insects repellent. It is easy to use with mops and removes bad odour too. 

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  • It is concentrate liquid which can increase the quantity of floor cleaner
  • Can be used in Kitchen Slabs for cleaning food stains
  • This floor cleaner also works as an ant repellent


  • Its concentrated solution may be unusual for your pets
  • Some of the buyers reported that fragrance lasts for only 10-15 minutes

Things To Consider About Best Floor Cleaner

Best Floor Cleaner Buying Guide

Should Kill Germs

A floor cleaner is used for floor cleaning but apart from it we also expect a Germ-Free floor from it. You should always consider a floor cleaner that sweeps away all germs and bacteria. By using such a floor cleaner you not only guarantee a clean floor but a Germ-Free too. This thing will surely keep you connected to your floor without concerning about Germs.

Provides Better Hygiene

Do you think that a person looking at your floor considers for qualities of your cleaner? Wrong! They only look at the hygiene of your floor. Any person, your guest, family members, friends look at your floor with the best sight only when it was a sparkling one. So as a show-off, it's mandatory to use a floor cleaner that speaks through its hygiene.

Works as Disinfectant

Viruses had been the greatest headache of mankind. We have witnessed their bad effect recently. To stay away from viruses that cause infection you should disinfect your home floor too. For this, you don't need to use a disinfectant. I have listed above floor cleaners that are best suitable to work as a disinfectant too. The chemical formula of these floor cleaners gets rid of harmful viruses causing viral infections.

Stain Removing

Every cleaner has one thing in mind, is that NOT TO LEAVE STAINS. The same thing people should look while going for the best floor cleaner. There are a lot of floor cleaners that don't get stains off easily. You got to put your utmost effort. To avoid this, just get a floor cleaner with hard chemicals especially for stains.

Multipurpose Use

Do you have the same floor everywhere in your house? WELL, I DON'T HAVE. There are a lot of houses that use tiles, normal cement floors, ceramic, marble, special bathroom tiles and so on... But what happens if your floor cleaner works out only at specific surfaces. It becomes a waste of money. That's why it's important to use a multifunctional floor cleaner for cleaning all types of floors. Not only floors but these floor cleaners are capable of cleaning walls with sprayer.


If you are a sensitive person then this might be your favourite section. If not, you might have been familiar with the fragrances of floor cleaner. We are looking for home cleaners, that's why its recommended to avoid the hardcore smell of hospitals or any other public place cleaners. Instead, we will advise you to have a floor cleaner that puts organic smell in our nose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1) How to use a Floor Cleaner Liquid?

Using a Floor Cleaner is pretty simple. You can follow the steps written below:-

  • Get a Bucket Full of Water
  • Drop a Full Cap of Floor Cleaner Liquid in it
  • Now try to Mix and Dilute Floor Cleaner with Water
  • Use a Mop to clean the Dirty Floor 
  • Leave it to dry for at least 20 Minutes
  • Congrats, You get a Shiny Floor

Q.2) What are the best Floor Cleaner Liquid in India?

Some of the best floor cleaner on basis of buyer guide are listed below:-

  1. Lizol Floor Cleaner
  2. Domex Floor Cleaner
  3. Presto Floor Cleaner
  4. PaxClean Floor Cleaner
  5. Dettol Liquid Floor Cleaner
  6. Nimyl Herbal Floor Cleaner
  7. Herbal Strategi Floor Cleaner
  8. Dabur Sanitize Floor Cleaner
  9. Organica ThinkSafe Floor Cleaner
  10. Wavex Floor Cleaner

Q.3) Should you Dry your Floor after mopping?

It is mandatory to dry your floor after cleaning it with a mop. Some of the floor cleaners leave the slippery floor, that's why it's important to dry your floor after mopping. Also, the quality test of a floor cleaner is done after the floor dries out completely.

Q.4) How much time is required to completely Dry the floor?

All the floor cleaners claim to have different drying time. The drying time may vary from 10-20 minutes. The floor cleaner having alcohol-based components tends to dry faster. As per common, a floor needs to be given at least 20 minutes to dry.

Q.5) Are the above-listed Floor Cleaner suitable for any type of Floors?

These Floor Cleaners are multipurpose floor cleaner. They can be used in different types of floors. Any exception of the floor is listed in their reviews. But most of them are suitable for floors made of tiles, laminated wooden flooring, marble, etc.

Q.6) Can I use the Floor Cleaner to clean Kitchen?

Floor Cleaner can be used to clean Kitchen slabs if they are made with floor material. If they are made of exposed wooden then I wouldn't recommend to use it. You can have different Kitchen cleaner liquid for cleaning Kitchen slabs.


Q.7) How much Floor Cleaner should be Diluted with Water?

Different floor cleaners may have a different dilution ratio. You can check their instructions for safe use. However, you do not need to add more than the cap of the bottle. All Floor Cleaners are enough concentrated. You can use a full cap of floor cleaner to be diluted with a bucket of water. 

Q.8) When should you use Direct Solution of Floor Cleaner?

Almost every floor cleaner recommends direct use of their solution only when the place is too much dirty. If you get too many streaks or strains then you can use a direct solution. But remember not to use direct solution over a large area as it might cause the pungent smell.

Q.9) Which is better Sodium Hypochlorite or Sodium BenzalKonium Chloride?

Sodium Hypochlorite is considered to be more concentrated than BenzalKonium Chloride. However, both chemical formula is antibacterial and kills most of the germs. We have considered Benzalkonium Chloride as the main chemical formula. It is because Benzalkonium Chloride is less hard on floors than Sodium Hypochlorite.

Q.10) Are the Above Listed Floor Cleaners Pet Friendly?

This is one of the important concerns about Floor Cleaners. I have tried my best to include Herbal Floor Cleaners too. In Reviews, we have mentioned Floor Cleaners that are not suitable for your pets. Also, if you like to have a floor cleaner specifically designed for pets then you can click here. 

Final Thoughts

We are near to wrap up our post now. I have listed the best floor cleaner in India. We have categorized some of the best floor cleaner liquids in our post. You can also see a buying guide in this post. The buying guide always helps you to choose the best product. You should always consider factors written in buying guide. Besides, you should also look at other factors like customers reviews, customer support and popularity of the product. You can find these things at seller's page. At last, I have tried my best to clear all sorts of doubt about Floor Cleaner. However, If you have any query regarding the Best Floor Cleaner list, then you can ask it in the comment box.

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