Best TDS Meter For Drinking Water with Price in India

Best TDS meter in India

Have you ever thought, the water you drink is safe or not ? You might, but haven't cared a lot for it.

Today, I am going to tell you about some of the best TDS meters for drinking water in India and their prices that you can buy online.

Have you heard of TDS meters before ?

Well I will discuss it later, but first have a look on how you can test the purity of your water. For that, a TDS meter will help you accomplish that.

A TDS meter is used to check the purity of your drinking water.

Water is an essential quantity, I think it's important just like food. But, are you willing to eat spoiled food ? Definitely No !! 

Then how can you compromise with your water? Its colourless & odourless qualities make us not to think of its quality. But you are wrong.!!

In today's world which is full of chemicals, you cannot assume that your drinking water doesn't contain harmful chemicals.

That's why, it becomes important for you to have a TDS meter within you to check the water quality.

Don't Care, I have been launched up with this blog post and I will make sure that you have the best water in the world - Checked with a TDS water meter !!

So let's move on and see what the term TDS meter is. We will surely look at how TDS meters work and give you indication that water is drinkable or not.

What is TDS Meter ?

Let's get a glimpse of TDS meter first. As per Wikipedia, TDS stuck in front of 'meter' stands for Total Dissolved Solids.

Now it's indicated that the TDS meter does something with dissolved solids in water.

But what does TDS meter actually do ?

Actually, a TDS meter calculates the conductivity of water or any solution. Water available from different sources contains a lot of minerals from the earth crust.

Ultimately, when minerals add to water - they tend to increase the conductivity of solution.

There are a lot of useful minerals present in water, which shows up on TDS meters.

However, a number of times the conductivity of your drinking water increases, either naturally or manually through water purifiers. This type of drinking water is not acceptable as it contains a heavy load of minerals. 

Obviously that's not suited for our Body !!

This is where your best TDS water meter comes into play. It observes and tells you not to consume that.

But I will give you full details of your TDS meter. And, I have something that I want to tell you of your TDS water meter.

A Noticeable drawback of TDS water meter is that it doesn't indicate heavy contaminants like lead, pollutants, etc., which are harmful for us.

It is because a non-conducting pollutant will pollute the water but without coming in the eyes of the TDS meter.

Best TDS meter in India - Price and Reviews

Generic Digital Water TDS Meter

Generic Water TDS Meter

The no. 1 TDS meter in our list is from Generic. Generic TDS meter comes up with a standard scale suitable for temperature reading. Whether in or out of the solution, it gives you temperature reading whenever the meter is switched to ON. It also allows you to shift to TDS mode whenever necessary with a single button.

The thing that you can't ignore about Generic TDS meters is flexibility. Its flexible structure gives you full freedom to have it on your small pockets, bags, purse, etc., Digital feature gives you fully digital and smart reading. In addition, the TDS meter from Generic has a clear display which will help you get the best visuals of your water TDS reading.

Not only above things, the Generic's TDS meter is a multifunctional instrument. That means, you have full access to temperature reading as well as TDS meter and parts per million (ppm). You can have TDS of swimming pools, drinking water, rivers ,ponds or whatever you think.

Some of the Key features of Generic TDS meter are :-

  • High sensitivity TDS meter with a large and clear display.
  • Gives you lightning fast results for your water.
  • It comes up with a micron rating of 0.3.
  • Perfect fit for commercial as well as personal use.


  • Gives you instant reading
  • The battery provided is replaceable
  • Hold on function is pretty good feature


  • No Backlight is provided in the meter
  • The product doesn't measure too high TDS value

Konvio Digital Water TDS Meter

Konvio Water TDS Meter

Second TDS meter in our list is from Konvio. It is one of the best selling TDS meters in India right now. It comes up with multipurpose features which allows you to have TDS tested of aquariums, pools, spa, drinking water, colloidal silver, RO water, etc.,

Digital Display of this TDS meter gives you better and crispy graphics of your TDS reading. You can go digital with this TDS meter. The TDS meter from Konvio gives you accurate results without a single worry. It can help you know if RO is working properly or not by just inserting in its membrane.

The TDS meter is small and easy to carry anywhere. It is also easy to apply anywhere so you can get the water tested held in your hand. It can become your personal assistant to save you from impure water. Measuring TDS of any water sample is fun with Konvio's hand held water TDS meter.

Enough of it, let's look upon some of the key features of Konvio water TDS meter :-

  • Easy measuring of water TDS to ensure the quality water only.
  • Packed up with single button use without being expensive.
  • Gives you fast and accurate results.
  • You can also use it on water purifiers for checking the output of your purifier.
  • It has Auto Off feature after 10 minutes of inactivity.


  • Easy to use and Beginner Friendly
  • Shows you accurate reading consistently
  • The Product comes with a low cost


  • Design of product looks same as of all
  • Battery do not lasts too long, need replacement

Hi-Tech Digital TDS Meter for Drinking Water

Hi-Tech Water TDS Meter

Third best TDS meter in this list is from Hi-Tech Brand. It is hooked up with some of the best qualities. The usage of this TDS meter is vast and can be used in any kind of water. Whether you have created a big or small hydrosphere, you can have this inserted there. It will help you hand-in-hand everywhere on gardens, drinking water, aquariums, pools, etc.,

The measurement range of this TDS meter is pretty awesome. It ranges from 0 to 9900 parts per million (ppm). It also comes up with a temperature button that is suitable for measuring temperature. It measures temperature from 31-200° F. 

It also shows and saves reading for perfect record. The TDS meter stresses battery life and switches off after every 10 inactive minutes. The TDS meter from Hi-Tech ensures to have a microprocessor which makes it the smallest TDS meter available in the market.

Now let's have a short lookup on key features of Hi-Tech TDS meter :-

  • It allows you to measure water TDS for checking the water quality.
  • Comes with Auto shut off feature for better battery life.
  • It has Reading Hold Function and low battery indicator too.
  • Comes up with a large LCD display & also shows temperature reading.
  • Built with a micro-processor for better and fast perform.


  • Product is bit handy while using it
  • Takes less than 15 seconds for reading


  • TDS Calibration is not upto mark

HM Digital TDS (TDS-3) Water Tester Meter

HM Digital Water TDS Meter

We are here with our fourth TDS Meter from HM Digital brand. This water tester is inexpensive and small for daily purposes. You can have water quality tested with the help of this TDS meter. It will become an easy task for you to have a water purity test in front of your eyes. 

As said earlier, the water contains a lot of ionised salts that form TDS in water. This TDS is identified with this meter and shown on the screen. The meter comes up with a so-called LCD display for temperature as well as TDS reading.

You can use it on anywhere or in any kind of water. You have a full choice to check any water drinkable or not. The HM's TDS meter is made up of plastic body.

Thank God for one of my favourite features of microprocessor technology installed in it. It gives you convenient and fast reading with a hold-on function.

Talking of some of the gist of HM Digital TDS Meter are :-

  • Measure the purity of your water and indicate if it's good or not.
  • Can be used anywhere on water filters, RO, hydroponic, etc.,
  • The product is fit with a hold-on function for reading shown on screen.
  • Built in with a digital thermometer for temperature reading.
  • Highly advanced microprocessor technology gives accurate results.


  • Temperature feature measures room temperature too
  • The reading provided are really correct
  • Product can be used for number of tasks.


  • No warranty comes up with product
  • Overuse of this product is not recommended by me

Luzon Dzire Pocket TDS Water Meter

Luzon Dzire Water TDS Meter

Fifth TDS meter in our best TDS meter list is from Luzon Dzire Brand. This TDS meter can be perfect for having a water purity test. It's not only fit for home purposes but it will help you in commercial purposes too.

The TDS meter is highly efficient and accurate with the help of its processor. Its microchip processor tries to give best performance output. The product is fitted up with 2 battery cells and an extra one is provided in a box.

It makes it an easy job to test TDS of water anytime and anywhere. There is no overall problem on a regular basis, but I would say not to give too much overload. I will prefer general use of this TDS meter. 

The Design of this TDS meter is really handy and prevents slipping. The In-built weight is too small (≈ 250 grams) which makes it lightweight. You also have a temperature reading feature also.

Now it's time to have look upon best features of Luzon Dzire Water TDS meter :- 

  • Easy and convenient to use without any problem.
  • Thermometer reading can be held for better visuals.
  • Provides temperature reading function in this TDS meter.
  • Easy to carry anywhere in pocket with decent cover.
  • It gives really fast reading within a few seconds.


  • It is easy to use for new people too
  • Comes with a decent cover for better protection
  • The product is provided with 3 Years Warranty


  • Some people reported of slightly different reading

Wellon Digital LCD TDS Meter or Water Tester

Wellon Water TDS Meter

Now we are here with our sixth water TDS meter, that's from Wellon Brand. It is quite popular on the internet and E-Commerce sites. Checking Water TDS with Wellon digital TDS meter is easy and fast now. You can view temperature as well as TDS reading on a big LCD screen provided in the meter. Easy to shift in between TDS and Temperature mode with a single button click.

Its multipurpose system gives full freedom to check water TDS from drinking water, RO to even Wells. The measurement range of this TDS meter is 0-9990 ppm which is considered a good range. The performance of this TDS meter is really high and accurate. It also has an auto shut off feature for not burning the batteries. The TDS meter is waterproof and totally free from water.

Now it's time to have keen look on key points of this TDS meter from Wellon :-

  • Equipped with Micro-processor technology for better and accurate performance.
  • Gives you Hold On Function for convenient reading and recording.
  • 10 Inactive minutes will shut down the TDS meter for better power conservation.
  • Have built in a thermometer for temperature readings on the go.
  • Large LCD display for crispy and clear TDS reading.


  • The Reading provides accurate reading all time
  • Not just TDS reading, it also provides temperature reading
  • The Product comes with a premium look


  • It measures hardness of the water sample
  • Inbuilt batteries might need replacement soon

Nexqua Dew Digital TDS Meter for Water Testing

Nexqua Water TDS Meter

Now seventh spot in our best TDS meter list is from Nexqua brand. Now it's easy to measure the temperature/ TDS/ ppm of a water sample. This TDS meter helps you identify the contaminants in your drinking water that can cause serious health problems. So it's important to have water quality tested for pure water.

The TDS meter has a single button start and gives you reading as soon as you dip it in water. It's Easy to use and do your testing job right. The TDS Meter is compatible of doing wide range of application such as in aquariums, pools, RO, Water Purifiers, Food & Beverages, Hydroponics, etc.,

Easy reading LCD display is available in this TDS. The display comes up with great size and proper graphics for better view of reading. The TDS meter measures water TDS in mg/L, otherwise in parts per million (ppm).

Now let's have a look on some of main points of Nexqua TDS meter :-

  • The TDS meter is easy to use and easy to read.
  • Nexus TDS meter is more accurate and gives you better readings.
  • The TDS meter works good right out of the box.
  • It is easy to carry and durable for long term use.
  • It's really lightweight and feels nothing while holding it.  


  • Helps to distinguish in between RO and aquaguards
  • It is easy to operate and can start working with simple steps
  • The TDS Meter comes with proper grip 


  • It's Display lacks in Backlight of Digital meter
  • Cap of this TDS meter is bit loose

Ionix Plastic Digital Water TDS Meter

Ionix Water TDS Meter

This is our last and number eight water TDS meter in India from Ionic brand. You can dip the water TDS meter in a water sample and just get a quick TDS reading. However, it is not advised to dip under maximum level as the TDS meter is not water tight. It is also advised not to keep the TDS meter in high temperatures and sunlight.

The TDS meter is easy to use and gives you accurate TDS readings. The temperature gauge is also available in TDS meters in both Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. It is good built but product quality is affordable as the price is low. This water TDS meter is really affordable and has low buying cost.

With this budget TDS meter you wouldn't expect heat sink features, but the company had given proper ventilation for heat sinking. However this might not be awesome, but it's acceptable.

Now let's have a sight on key features of Ionix Water TDS Meter :-

  • Fully digital TDS meter for having water purity test.
  • It can be used in RO and Water Purifiers for better testing.
  • Product comes with a carrying case to carry it anywhere.
  • It has an enormous 6000 litres capacity of water testing.
  • The product is easy to use and carefree for beginners too.


  • Temperature gauge feature is plus point in it
  • It has easy ON/OFF button start
  • The Product works very fast and gives fast results


  • Build quality is cheaper, but acceptable in this cost
  • Battery life needs to be more long lasting


So with over more than 13,000 ratings - maintaining enormous 4.4 ★ ratings makes Generic TDS Meter our winner in the list of best TDS Meter in India


How do you choose Best TDS Meter ?

We have looked upon the best TDS meter, but it is necessary to look upon important things about TDS meters. 

These things will have you give you features to consider while buying a best TDS water meter for drinking water.

So without further ado, let's look on best features you should keep in mind while buying a TDS water meter :-

Temperature Requirement

One of the basic requirements a TDS meter needs is temperature reading. Whenever you look for a TDS meter, you not only look for checking features but should also look at 'temperature reading' features.

This is necessary for all TDS meters, which can give you the temperature of the water sample.

But if you don't find this, then you can choose a different one.

There are a lot of people who don't care for temperature reading in their TDS meter. For them, the simplest thing is to care only for checking the capability of a TDS meter.

Clear display

There are a lot of TDS meters available online as well as in the market. But the common thing nowadays arising is that most of them are digital meters.

While selecting the digital TDS meter for drinking water, you should look if the display is clear or not. 

If the display is not clear, then you wouldn't be able to distinguish between crisp numbers of digital meters.

You should also cross check the reading on the TDS meter to confirm the number output is correct and available on screen. 

This is because, a problem with digital meters is that if that's not made correctly then it would surely give confused and unfitted reading.


Flexibility is one of the most important in TDS meters. There are a lot of TDS meters in today's world that care for the flexibility of your TDS meter.

These TDS meters are flexible and can be twisted here and there for collecting right conductivity value.

And one of the best things for consumers is that flexibility also tends to increase the durability of your TDS meter.

So if you are looking for a flexible TDS meter then you should consider the flexibility issue but if you are looking for a durable and long lasting then flexibility feature can help you choose a good one.

But just don't go only on flexibility for durability. What you should consider for a long lasting TDS meter is discussed now.

Material Quality

Now here comes the most important feature for durability of a TDS meter. It's the material quality.

It is directly related to durability of your product.

There are a lot of sellers and brands who don't care for material quality. They provide you with a product that doesn't even last its warranty.

Well I don't want you to get trapped in warranty issues, so from my side always give priority to material quality.

Material quality of not only TDS meter but any product becomes the base of that product. Cheap and low quality built products surely have defects inside too.

Multi functional

In today's world, multi tasking is most important and from mobiles to TDS meters we always consider a product that can pull multiple things for us.

The same thing applies on TDS meters as we also need to do multiple things with it.

Your best TDS meter should be able to hold the load of checking temperature as well as conductivity reading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1) Do TDS Meter Provide Correct and Accurate Reading ?

Obviously Yes, TDS meter provides accurate reading of the conductivity present in your drinking water. However, some TDS meters don't show correct readings due to manufacturing defects. That's why I have categorized these 8 best TDS meters to ensure you get the best one not defected one. Always, considering popular brand's products will help you to sort out this problem.

Q.2) How to use a TDS Water Meter for drinking water ?

Using a TDS meter is pretty simple, you can follow simple step below to get started with it :-

  • Remove Protective cap of the TDS meter.
  • Press On button in TDS meter to make it active.
  • Immerse it into water upto maximum level.
  • Stir the water/solution to kill any air bubbles.
  • Hold in there for approx 10-12 seconds.
  • Now you got the reading in TDS meter.
  • Press Hold Button to view the reading.

Q.3) On what principle does TDS meter work ?

As I have said, TDS meter does nothing but measures conductivity of your solution. If there are more conducting materials in water solution, then it will raise TDS of your water.

As per Aquasana too, A TDS meter is a small device that can be held in hand. It is used to indicate the Total Dissolved Solids in a solution, usually water. As we know, dissolved ionized solids, such as salts and minerals, increase the conductivity of a solution, a TDS meter measures the conductivity of the solution and estimates the TDS from that reading.

Q.4) What are the best TDS Meters in India ?

Some of the best TDS meter in india are listed below :-

Generic TDS Meter

Konvio Digital TDS Meter

Hi-Tech Digital TDS Meter

HM - Digital Water TDS Meter

Luzon Dzire TDS Meter

Wellon TDS Meter

Nexqua Water TDS Meter

Ionix TDS meter 

Q.5) What is recommended TDS for drinking water ?

As per recommended by WHO (World Health Organisation), Water TDS below 300 mg/L is excellent quality of water ; Water TDS between 300 mg/L to 600 mg/L is good for drinking purposes ; Water TDS between 600 mg/L to 900 mg/L is considered as fair water, not too good not poor ; Water TDS between 900 mg/L to 1200 mg/ is taken as poor quality water and you should avoid it ; Water TDS over 1200 mg/L is unacceptable and can't be suitable for drinking purposes.

Q.6) What is Average TDS of a RO (Reverse Osmosis) Purifier ?

In a RO purifier, we considered it as pure water and that too is true. Generally observed RO Purifier's TDS kept low as 100-200 mg/L. As per recommended TDS level, the RO purifiers fulfil that need and provide good quality of water. But you may have different experiences with different RO Purifiers, so I would advise you to have your own RO purifier tested with a water TDS meter.


That's It, I have mentioned some of the best tds meter in india. Now you have choice to get one suitable for you. Ihsve also mentioned on how you should care for tds meter while buying. Its also important to take precautions while using tds meter.

Therefore, I think that I have covered everything in this post but of you think I have left something, then its time to type something. Its time to type with your keyboard in comment section. Just have your best opinion in comment box or have any suggestion also.

That's it, the list of best TDS Meter in India suitable for daily and home purposes.

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