9 Best Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer & Temperature Gun in India [2020] - Review

best Infrared thermometer and temperature gun in india

Who has not been caught with the fever. We all have stuck that mercury thermometer in our mouth and saw its going up, as the temperature rises.

Today we will be discussing 9 Best Infrared Thermometers (Temperature Guns) which are available for Indians and Made in India.

It's necessary for us in Covid-Period to not come in contact with people. But as a person handling a small business or group of people, you need to be concerned for your employees. 

There's main role of Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer comes into play. It's also called a Temperature Gun. You could calculate the temperature of a person with inches away from the person.

During Pandemic, the demand for infrared non-contact thermometers has gone up and people look to do necessary things without coming into contact with people.

The Virus called "Covid-19", actually exhibits the main symptom as fever. So it's necessary for us to stay alert from those who are red hot with fever.

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Now, enough talk !! Let's move on to how the Temperature Gun Works so that you become a master of it when holding for the first time.

How Do Infrared Thermometers Work?

how does IR thermometer works

Infrared (IR) thermometers are really useful in measuring temperature of surfaces to humans. It is used in normal as well as industrial purposes also.

These are really helpful when you have to remain non-contact with the surface or human being. 

Infrared (IR) thermometers are based on the concept of infrared radiation for calculating surface temperature. You don't need any kind of physical contact to read Infrared (IR) radiation.

Let's look a bit more on how Infrared (IR) thermometers work.

Infrared radiation is not seen simply but we feel it in the form of heat. Heat coming from a source does contain Infrared Radiation.

The process may look a bit complex but it hardly takes 2-3 seconds to use the thermometer for calculating temperature.

The capability of Infrared radiation to focus, reflect or absorb plays a key role in detecting temperature.

The incident radiation coming from any heat source is put to the surface of a detector present in the thermometer, and it is known as Thermopile.

The radiation converts into heat energy when it falls on Thermopile Surface. This heat energy is calculated and displayed on the screen.

Now it's Easy, That's How it Works !!

Dr Trust (USA) Forehead Digital Infrared Thermometer for babies and Adults with color Coded Fever Guidance - 603 Professional

Dr Trust Infrared Thermometer

First Infrared Thermometer in our list comes from Dr Trust (USA). It comes with a large display that shows different colors on different ranges of temperatures.

This thermometer is a Forehead one and could be used by placing just in front of someone's Forehead. This Infrared Thermometer is suitable for Babies also.

Different surface's temperature could be measured and give you fast results in under 3 Seconds.

The Thermometer is suitable for the full family, from adults to babies too. Its switch gives you an option to change reading between Celsius and Fahrenheit (°C ↔ °F).

It's also hooked up with person and object mode also. You can select before applying, that you want to check the temperature of a person or an object.

The thermometer first scans and captures naturally emitted infrared heat, measurement of ambient temperature, liquids and surfaces. Arterial heat balance software then synthesizes these readings to determine body temperature.

Key Features 

This Infrared Thermometer contains a buzzer also which ensures that you get a reminder while reading.

Comes with 2 Color Coded (Red and Green) Backlight with Large LCD screen and 30 Results memory backup.

Contains Dual Mode to detect temperature for Person or an Object and comes with both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Fever alarm in case of excess temperature and Red color Lcd backlight will show.

Object mode measures temperature suitably for baby bottles with milk

The Infrared Thermometer is clinically tested and gives you results like mercury thermometer.


  • Comes with a Great Large Display and Temperature Color Codes.
  • Easy to Handle and Operate.
  • Object/Person Mode for better readings.


  • Actual Temperature Readings vary by 2-3 degrees.
  • User Manual contains tiny written letters.

Leeford Infrared Digital Thermometer with 1 Year Warranty

Leeford Infrared Thermometer

The Second Infrared Thermometer in our list comes from the Leeford Brand. Leeford is one of the established and well known brands.

The Temperature Gun comes with a 1 Year warranty.

Leeford Forehead Thermometer is High in quality and comes with a 1 year Replacement Warranty. 

The Thermometer ensures non-contact measurement of Temperature of a person or surface.

It also comes with memory recall that keeps some of the temperature records for a given time.

The Infrared Thermometer comes with a display that indicates the temperature of a person.

The Leeford Infrared Thermometer is built up with a fever alarm which rings when the temperature of a person rises above normal level.

The Infrared Thermometer from Leeford also comes with a Low Battery Indicator which helps you to keep it charged all the time.

Auto Shut Off Feature available in this Leeford Thermometer ensures power saving even if you forget to shut it off.

Key Features

1 Year Replacement Warranty on this Thermometer from Leeford.

The Thermometer is capable of reading Person as well as Object's Temperature.

The Infrared Thermometer is built up with two AAA batteries for longer working.

The Temperature Gun from Leeford comes with a switchable Fahrenheit and Celsius Dual Scale.

Its performance is too much speedy and gives you results in 1-2 seconds.


  • 100% Accurate Results shown on the screen
  • Easy to Use, Non-Contact Thermometer for Measuring temperature.
  • It gives quick results compared to Oral Thermometer.
  • Batteries become a bonus point in this Thermometer.


  • Supplied Batteries Fits Perfectly but Not all others fit in Thermometer.

Vandelay Infrared Thermometer now MADE in INDIA- with 3 years Sensor Warranty Non-Contact IR Thermometer Forehead

Vandelay Infrared Thermometer

Now Third Temperature Gun or Infrared Thermometer comes from Vandelay Brand.

The Infrared Thermometer from Vandelay comes with a 3 Year sensor warranty.

This Thermometer is non-contact and you could measure the temperature of persons from inches away.

The Thermometer ensures you to measure high warmth of a person as well as surfaces with a protected distance of separation.

Laser light assists you to measure the temperature accurately with a pointing gadget.

Focused Lasers show the temperature of any person or surface in the LCD Backlight.

You could also change the temperature as per your accordance, either in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The Thermometer comes with an Efficiency that you can trust, its FDA and FCC endorsed and RoHS agreeable.

MeasuPro utilizes the most recent temperature estimating innovation to guarantee results are momentary.

This Thermometer is non-contact and an exact Ideal match for any household requirement of the family.

The Sensors used in Thermometer gives you temperature reading of surfaces also.

It is Helpful as a HVAC thermometer, cooking thermometer and numerous different purposes.

Key Features

The Thermometer is Non-contact and gives you accurate results.

You can measure temperature from inches away accurately.

The Thermometer is Medically cleared and has very small error merging.

The Temperature Results are really comparable to Oral Thermometer.

Contains sound alarm, will trigger automatically when temperature goes up.

LCD Screen and crisp number are easy to read.

The Forehead Thermometer is designed for multi purposes and suitable for all ages: adults, infants and elders.

Memory Feature stores almost 32 recent readings and recall at any time.

It's easy to use and has an auto shutdown feature.


  • Display Changes colour for temperature higher than Normal.
  • It's Easy to Handle and Use anytime, anywhere.
  • It comes with a reasonable and affordable Price.


  • Some people reported that it shows same temperature for every person.

TCL Non-Touch 3-in-1 Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer

TCL Infrared Thermometer

Fourth Infrared Thermometer (Temperature Gun) comes from the
TCL Brand which is well established and trustable.

Their Temperature gun consists of 3 in 1 qualities. Its Forehead Thermometer and temperature can be measured by inches away.

TCL thermometer measures temperature of humans as well as surfaces and liquids also. 

The Heat emitted from hot milk or water is captured by a thermometer and shows you quick results within seconds.

The Thermometer is suitable for babies as well as adults. You can measure the temperature of anyone in your family or outside.

The Temperature Gun from TCL consists of Infrared Temperature Sensor, Beeper, Shell, LCD and Microprocessor.

The Product comes with a Night mode as well Switch modes also. The Chip inserted in it ensures fast results to you.

Fast Detection and Storage in Thermometer always saves your time and memory.

The Thermometer ensures you 1 second results but I would say it might take 2-3 seconds.

It provides you Zero-contact with people so that you don't get infected with cross infection.

Key Features

Its Essential thermometer for every household with 1 button operation.

Easy to read Backlight Data and auto off after 60 seconds for power saving.

It has options to switch in between Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Quick and Easy to use, Gives results within seconds.

Fever Alarm Technology gives you alert for Higher temperature.

Clinically tested for better and accurate results.

It does have memory storage for 20 readings to track your temperature trend.


  • Gives accurate and fast results within your viewing.
  • Product Comes with a 12 Months Warranty.
  • Easy to Carry and Use even while travelling.


  • Packaging and Handling issues can be reported so I would suggest buying it from Certified Seller only.

iVooMi Infrared Thermometer with 14 months warranty, FDA/CE Approved, Non Contact Digital Thermometer

iVoomi nfrared Thermometer

Fifth Temperature Gun or Infrared Thermometer comes from Ivoomi brand, which is quite established in manufacturing of Electronics.

The Temperature Gun from Ivoomi is suitable for both adults and babies as well as Infants.

It can measure temperature of Body as well as other surfaces of home such (milk bottle, hot water etc.,) 

The Results given by the Thermometer from Ivoomi, are really fast and accurate. They will lend you results under a bit of seconds.

The LCD backlight of Thermometer consists of 3 colors of light which shows you different colors at different temperatures.

The Infrared Thermometer is non-contact. It means you could measure the temperature of anybody without coming in physical contact.

Key Features 

It shows 3 different colors as per temperature falls in different categories.

Easy to Use and its easy grip takes care of using it from Day to Night.

Battery Optimization for more power saving, switch off after 30 seconds of Non-Operational.

Fast Results are provided within 1 to 2 seconds.

Consists of 36 Memory Sets to see some of the last temperature records.

It has a Clear and Big LCD display for reading Lights and Numbers.

Comes with High Accuracy for Infants, Babies and Adults.


  • Ivoomi has given 14 Months Warranty over Product 
  • Beep Sounds alerts you for High Temperature.
  • It is made up of Quality and Durable Material for Long Lasting


  • The Box doesn't Include Batteries for Thermometer
  • Battery is not very long lasting

Everycom IR37 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer – Made in India (1 Year Warranty)

Everycom infrared thermometer

Sixth Number in our list comes from Everycom Brand. Its Infrared Thermometer (IR37) from Everycom brand

The Temperature Gun is Non-contact and can measure your temperature with inches away from the person. It makes sure to avoid Physical Contact.

The Temperature Gun or Infrared Thermometer from Everycom has 3 Color Backlights for different temperature ranges.

This Thermometer consists of Dual Mode which helps you to switch in between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

There's a Large Display fit in the Temperature Gun. Its numbers and readings are clearly visible and reading.

The Temperature Gun gives you Fast and Accurate Results. The Log Memory system in the Infrared Thermometer records some of the Temperature.

Key Features

Contains Imported German Sensor for better reading of temperature.

Rapid Reading of Temperature under 1 second, for forehead and other body parts.

Color Backlight Display offers you different colors for different temperatures.

Easy to use in Day and Night with Bright Backlight.

Dual Mode for Measuring Temperature in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit.

Log Memory helps you to keep a record of the last 99 Temperatures.


  • Works in High Temperature up to 50°C.
  • Clinically Tested for Office Uses as well Home Uses.
  • Fast and Accurate Results are provided by the Thermometer.


  • Looks a bit slow while shifting between too many people.

Quantum QHM-500 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer With 1 Year Warranty

Quantum infrared thermometer

Seventh No. Infrared Thermometer is from Quantum Brand. Its QHM-500 Thermometer from Quantum.

The Temperature Gun from Quantum allows you to measure temperature from a safe distance

It consists of a lens to focus Infrared Energy on a Detector. This Energy is used with Thermopile surfaces to calculate the actual temperature of people on the surface.

The Gun Style Thermometer from Quantum is easy to use and Handle. The Thermometer can be used from 2-10 cm away.

The Memory Power of Infrared Thermometer is 32, that means it can store the last 32 Temperature Reading.

It is Easy to shift between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. The LCD Backlight consists of 3 color displays.

The Auto Shut off Feature from Infrared Thermometer gives you extra power.

Beep alert gives you alert for higher temperature. It also features Low Battery Warning for you to keep your Temperature Gun charged all time.

Key Features

The Infrared Thermometer is equipped with most advanced infrared technology. 

Temperature Measurements from 5cms are permitted, along with 1 second result.

Features large LCD Screen with Backlight which is visible in both Day and Night.

Intelligent Shutdown System works for Power Saving

32 Sets of reading records can be stored.

It gives the option to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius Scale.

Accurate Results and gives you quick readings. 


  • Quickly makes Variation between different Surfaces.
  • Easy to use and can be used anywhere else.
  • The Box is provided with 12 Months Warranty.


  • No Service Centre (in India) for Repairing is listed.
  • Thermometer comes without laser light or laser point.

GILMA Infrared Thermometer Non-Contact Digital Temperature Gun with LCD Display for Infants Babies and Adults

Gilma infrared thermometer

Now the Number 8 in our list comes from the GILMA brand and is quite affordable. 

The Infrared Thermometer ensures you safe temperature measuring as well as protection with enough separation.

Laser light available in the Thermometer gives you exact pursuit with pointed nibs.

The LCD Display available in this thermometer shows you the temperature of any surface or body when pointed towards that.

You also have a feature to distinguish between Celsius and Fahrenheit with one button only.

The Efficiency of Thermometer is trustable as it is approved with FDA and FCC endorsed by RoHS.

Helps you to measure temperature of different surfaces with no problem and works for different purposes.

You could remain Non-contact with a person while taking Readings. It offers 1-2 inch separation while taking temperature.

The forehead thermometer medical has been clinically tested and has a very small error margin

It is actually more accurate and healthier than standard mercury thermometers.

Key Features

Sound Alarm allows you to be alert of high temperatures.

The Numbers displayed on the LCD screen are easy to read.

The Multipurpose Thermometer deals with the temperature of all people, from Adults to Kids.

Takes temperature record of last 32 readings.

Its Handy Design cares for the Grip and Handling.

It is suitable for measuring temperature of people as well as surfaces.


  • The Thermometer is equipped with AAA Batteries
  • 15 Seconds Auto Shutdown Feature saves power
  • Ultra Fast with 1 second Processing Time


  • User Manual is not enough to get started.
  • Battery Installation is bit tricky and reverse of all used in other Thermometers.

Zoook InfraTemp Forehead Medical Digital Non Contact Infrared (IR) Thermometer- Japanese sensor

Zoook infrared thermometer

The number 9 Infrared Thermometer comes from Zoook Brand. It's quite popular and wins the trust of lots of people.

The Thermometer offers you to check the temperature of surfaces as well as body

The Temperature Gun from Zoook is really fast and assures you to give results in under 1 second.

The 30 sets of reading memory gives you power to take backup of the last 30 peoples' temperatures.

There exists Tri-Colour Backlight for different temperature ranges. Auto Shutdown saves your temperature gun's power.

The Temperature Gun comes with an alarm function which reminds you to alert from persons with High temperature.

The Product comes with a 1 year warranty from Zoook Brand.

This infrared thermometer has Large LCD display to see numbers clearly.

Consists of High Quality Japanese medical grade sensors for detecting the temperature.

It also shifts in between Fahrenheit and Celsius as your convenience.

The product is European CE certified, which means an extra layer to product quality.

Key Features

The Infrared Digital Dual Mode Thermometer enables the quick detection of body temperature

There exists an on screen menu for changing unit

Higher measurement range for dealing with very high temperatures.

It is a non contact thermometer considering your safety.


  • The Thermometer gives really accurate results
  • Japanese Medical Grade Sensors are a good choice.
  • Easy to use even if you're using it for the first time.


  • The Plastic quality been reported a bit poor, need proper care.

Factors to Consider When Selecting IR Thermometer

buying guide for best infrared thermometer and temperature gun


The most important aspect in terms of Infrared Thermometer is Accuracy. It becomes important to know that How Accurate your IR Thermometer is.

The Accuracy depends upon from how much distance you are measuring the temperature.

It needs to be understood that if your Thermometer is showing perfect temperature from a considerable distance then its OK to choose it.

The Thermometer with less accuracy may show you the same temperature again and again or doesn't configure temperature readings from a normal distance.

Emission Energy

Emission energy shows how much infrared energy a thermometer can put out at a time.

IR thermometers with better emission sensitivity tend to take the temperature of those items also with low IR energy emission.

You can have a thermometer with better emission sensitivity or can choose a thermometer with adjustable emission energy from high to low.

Temperature Range

Temperature range is really important in terms of choosing an IR thermometer. For that, you need to find out why you need an IR thermometer.

If you need a thermometer for Working purpose with High temperature surfaces then you need high temperature range IR thermometers.

If you need them for daily purposes, then you could go for any IR thermometer without looking for Temperature Range.

And, If you need an IR thermometer for micro work, then you have to record even a little temperature. So choose your thermometer with a narrow temperature range.

Speed or Response Time

Actually speed or Response Speed is the time that a thermometer takes to deliver accurate temperature reading when you point it towards someone.

This is an essential feature to consider, as it gives you temperature reading of moving objects as well as objects that heats up quickly.


The Industrial IR thermometers have different designs and it's important to distinguish between them.

The Thermometer with No lens or Fresnel lens are durable and safe. This is because of their polymer structure.

On the other Hand, the IR thermometer with Mica Lens does not have better durability. They need proper care or another layer of safety for keeping lens safe.

Cracking Issues are also seen in Mica Lens. Designs are also important in terms of better handling and ease to use.

LCD Display and Backlit

A backlit Display makes it easier to read the thermometer even in bad lighting conditions.


Warranty is one of the most important features required for an IR Thermometer. They are Electronic Goods and could be defective. 

No lens or Fresnel lens Thermometers costs really less than a mica lens. This could help you get a better product.

Simply Buying a costly Thermometer is not necessary, but you have to look also for a warranty provided only by the manufacturer.

Infrared thermometers are really in demand due to pandemic and you have to look for the best only. Try figuring out a non-contact thermometer to maintain safe distance. You should also look for quality under price. It's also recommended to choose an IR thermometer only by knowing your purpose to buy an IR thermometer. Try checking accurate results as well as speed of thermometer for lightning fast readings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1) Are Infrared Thermometers suitable for General Purposes ?

Absolutely, IR thermometers or Temperature guns are really suitable to use for General as well as complicated purposes also.

Q.2) Can Infrared Thermometer be used in Babies ?

These are really safe to use for babies. But keep one thing in mind, don't use excessively on babies and don't use Laser Light on Infants below 2 years age.

Q.3) Are Infrared Thermometer Dangerous ?

Some of the studies show that Covid-19 IR thermometers are not dangerous. But using excessively may expose you to more radiation.

Q.4) What is Normal Body Temperature for IR Thermometer ?

The Normal Body Temperature for Adults are 98.6° F or 37° C. However, due to environmental conditions it may be from 97° to 99° F.

Q.5) Are Infrared Thermometers Absolutely Correct ?

Infrared Thermometers from well known brands are accurate and give you best results. Above Listed Thermometers are clinically tested and Accurate.

Wrapping Up..

So this was done, these all are one of the top rated and well quality thermometers. 

Your choice could be different but the IR Thermometers listed above have all qualities to influence.

Not just influence, but they actually perform with full perfection.

From Material to Price and from working to special features, these IR thermometers don't lag behind in any perspective.

Wait a minute, I haven't mentioned price. This work is for you. Just click on that Brown Coloured Button, and get your price in nanoseconds.

Sounds Good !!!

Now you have been equipped with every possible thing you should know about IR thermometers.

It's easy and handy to use so just make a decision.

What kind of Decision ??

You can think to yourself what you have to make. From my point of view just leave a comment down on the box if you possess a Gmail ID.

I will make sure to answer every question if you are questioning and would be heartily welcomed if you just wanna talk.

It's not miles away, the comment box is only a few taps below.

Till then Feel Infrared Radiations...

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