5 Best Face Mask For Men in September 2020

                       Best Face Mask in India
Here we are getting a glimpse of the best 5 Face Masks for Men that doesn't cost much and are super easy to use. A lot of People have tried such face masks earlier.

As you all know, we are in a state of Covid-19 Pandemic Right Now. It's obvious that we need to take care of ourselves and stay at home.

But does this apply to all..? Definitely NOT

People who are willing to go outside or have to go outside, do need Masks for their Safety. From Doctors to Government, all have been advising us to wear a Face Mask while going out.

The situation may be worse but style never DIES.. That's why we would be discussing some of the best selling and stylish Face Masks for men.

So without further ado let's move on to our First Product..!!

Wildcraft Black HypaShield Reusable 6-Layer Anti-Pollution Outdoor Masks For Men (Pack of 5)

Wildcraft Face Mask
First one is from Wildcraft, it's a snug fit which comes with an inbuilt adjustable nose clip. This mask ensures proper length and has elasticated ear loops.

Mask is Breathable and doesn't prompt any kind of suffocation Problems. It also removes exhaled air and minimises the risk of fogging spectacles.

Mask also reduces any kind of Heating problems. Its Ingenious 2-panel design fits a wide range of face shapes and sizes.

It also Accommodates your facial movements and is conveniently flat-folded. Mask is Washable upto 30 washes and Reusable Anti-dust Anti-bacterial Anti-pollution

Special Features

Mask is reusable up to 30 Washes done by Gentle Hand Wash

Tested and Certified as per standards set by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)

95%+ Particle filtration efficiency (PFE) for over 0.3┬Ám (micron) size particles & Bacteria

Fluid splash resistant test on Hydrostatic head test for up to 160 mmHg – Protects against accidental fluid / sneeze droplets from reaching user’s nose and mouth

Wildcraft SUPERMASK W95 Plus Reusable Outdoor Respirator Mask For Men (Pack of 3)

The second face mask for men in our list also comes from Wildcraft Brand. The mask is named as Wildcraft Supermask W95 + and its qualities are listed below.

The SUPERMASK W95+ is a reusable outdoor respirator that comes with enhanced protection, comfort and a fully upgraded new design. 

The Mask comes from Wildcraft Proprietary Cartridge, SUPERMASK W95+ could be your best companion while going outside. You can always have it with you.

Oh Yeah !! That's a Company..

This Face mask for men is carefully designed for all kinds of weather and helps you keep your breath Normal and comfort in mind. It's easy to keep the mask on for a long time without any problem.

SUPERMASK W95+ is a reusable outdoor respirator and can be used again having gentle washes. It also keeps you safe from dangerous microbes, pollutants, dust, particulate matter, smoke from vehicle exhausts, factories, bushfires, etc. 

That's Simply means the mask is made for multiple tasks.

SUPERMASK W95+ comes with a Flexi-fit neck strap for easy handling and long-hour wearing comfort. The Ear loops are really good and don't cause any problems.

Special Features

It has an Innovative 2-panel design that fits almost every face shape and is comfortable.

Adjustable nose clip that provides more protection and it is Soft.

Elastic ear loops that gives you an extra comfort,Minimal eyewear fogging and Low heat build-up

It Accommodates all facial movements,Convenient flat-fold design for easy storage,Washable and reusable

Mask is usable upto 30 Washes done Gently with Hands.

WASH CARE:- Gentle hand wash,Do not bleach,Do not tumble dry,Do not iron,Do not dry clean,Do not wring,Drip dry in shade.

Protection+: Wildcraft proprietary cartridge PM 2.5 protection from pollutants.

Comfort+: Superior breathability and Easy to talk even wearing for  Long-hour wearing.

Design+: Engineered face cover design Available in attractive prints,Flexi-fit neck strap for enhanced comfort, Easy to wear and handle,Wider face coverage for maximum protection,

Protection+ : Wildcraft proprietary cartridge PM 2.5 protection,BFE >= 95% for 3 microns size,PFE >= 95% for 0.3 microns size,Tested for breathability & user comfort while offering full protection,Fluid splash resistance of HH 160 mm – Protects against accidental fluid/sneeze droplets from reaching the user’s nose & mouth.

Marcloire Reusable & Washable 5-Layered Outdoor Protection Face Mask for Men

Now here comes our 3rd Mask in List which is under Brand Name Marc Loire

This Mask usually comes with a 5 layer Protection which ensures powerful protection from any kind of microbes or pollutants. 

This Mask from Marcloire is Universal Fit and suitable for all kinds of faces. Whether you have a long, thick or small face, it will be suitable for you. 

It is also Washable and Reusable, but to take care that the mask should be washed gently. This will surely keep the mask for its full lifetime.

It also has a Soft Inner Layer for Comfort Soft ear loops for comfortable and Soft Grip Flat fold design. 

The Mask not only provides good gripping but it's also easy to store and can be carried in your Pocket Easily.

Special Features 

Mesh Design : Upgrades in this Pollution Mask ensures the ear loop design which prevents the dust face mask from slipping off. HOOK & LOOP strap and nose curve design provide full face seal and prevent fogging in spectacles.

Reusable and Washable : The mesh dust mask shell can be washed when they get dirty, You can wash them upto 30 times.

Five Layered Quadra Filtration Technology: 1st Mesh layer is to protect coarse particle, 2nd layer is Particle filtration layer which prevents entering of smaller particles, 3rd&4th layer is twin spun bonded micro particle filter for micro particle filtration and 5th layer consists of cotton fabric for moisture control and skin protection.

Care Instruction : Dip & Soak, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Tumble Dry, Do Not Iron, Do Not Dry Clean, Do Not Wring, Drip Dry.

Boldfit Mask for face cotton for Men, reusable and washable (Pack of 5)

Now here comes no.4 in our list and it is from Brand Boldfit. The qualities of Boldfit Face Mask has been discussed below.

This Boldfit Mask is termed as 'BoldShield Lite', The Mask is reusable and can be used multiple times instead of single time. How? That will be discussed later.

The BoldShield Lite from Boldfit comes with 3 layer protection that ensures your safety from pollutants to tiny microbes.

Even though having 3 Layers on Mask, the ventilation care has been properly taken. It is breathable and can be worn comfortably for long hours.

Gentle Wash to the mask ensures its Reusability and Washability. But the mask should be washed gently and not to be treated as clothes. The cotton layer on the mask is too gentle and soft on the skin.

Special Features 

3 Layer Masks: Boldfit Cotton Masks for Face is made from Branded cotton breathable fabric.

The Mask provides Protection from Dust, Pollution and Microbes.

Mask is reusable, washable and best for cycling, camping, hiking or going out in Covid Period.

Cotton Piece on the mouth gives a gentle and soft touch and keeps your skin fresh.

Package includes: 5 Multi Color and 3 layer Cotton Face Protections include.Of course with Boldfit package.

Scott International Unisex Reusable Face Mask (Pack of 3)

Now it's time for our no. 5 Model which comes under the brand name of Scott International. Mask is Unisex and fabulous ratings have been given to the mask.

The Mask comes with a 6 layer Protection from Scott International. The Outer Elastic mask is made up of Soft Lycra Elastic, CORO SHIELD which makes the mask more comfortable to wear for long hours.

This also ensures proper fit and cupping to the face. The Quality material used in masks actually exerts very low pressure on skin and prevents any kind of marks on skin.

The fabric used in masks is Anti-Pollution, Anti-Dust and thus keeps you safe even when you are in a polluted place. 

These 2 outer layers obstruct the coarser and heavy particles. This layer also maintains the aesthetic look of the Mask. 

The “Middle Layers” is a spun bonded fabric which provides protection from finer particles. The Superfine Inner Layers of Fabric ensures additional protection from microbes and very tiny particles and the inner fabric is breathable and comfortable to wear. 

These Masks are Reusable and can be used again only after Sanitization. The Mask should be washed or Sanitized Gently with hands.

Special Features

Ultra LightWeight and breathable design ensures wider coverage and maximum protection.

Ear loops are really soft and provide you with extra comfort. The storage is also pretty easy as it is convenient to fold.

The outer layer ensures protection from big pollutants and as the layer goes on increasing, the mask protects from finer particles. Its smooth inner fabric is soft to skin and breathable.

Mask have soft nose pin instead of Hard, so that you can perfectly adjust the nose pin according to your nose or face size. This soft nose pin ensures your lower visibility to ground which is obstructed in Hard Nose Pin.

Specially designed Mini Cup Shape ensures proper fit to your Face with good comfort and avoids Air leakage. 

This Mask is Washable (Upto 30-50 washes) and can be Sanitized and Reused as per your convenience.

Final Verdict

We have already discussed some of the best masks available on the internet and you could choose any one, two or more of them.
These masks are really stylish and protective too. From 3 Layers protection to soft inner fabric. These masks are really fabulous and fine.

Good manufacturing techniques used in masks ensure fit size for everyone. Your Face also looks good when the mask acquires the perfect length and breadth of your mouth.

The Earloops mask is elastically perfect and makes sure that it doesn't give strain to your ears. The strips are really soft and dashing.

I would conclude that masks listed above are researched and put forward with customers so that you could choose the best quality without killing your style. I would suggest that you should look for masks that provide better protection.

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