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Hdmovieshub is free source for Bollywood Hollywood and Netflix series in 2020 in languages like Hindi and English in only 300mb


Today we are going to talk about Hdmovieshub website which is free available over internet.

We will surely take a look at which type of content is provided over Hdmovieshub. It has been providing free movies in 2020.

A lot of people were able to download movies from

Hdmovieshub at no cost. We will look into this context and find a way if movie is downloaded or not from Hdmovieshub.

Without further saying, let's move into our main topic.

Stick to it.

Hdmovieshub - Brief Introduction

Hdmovieshub is a free online hub where a large amount of movies are uploaded every day.

You might be wandering that movies..!

But the fact is that this website is providing movies to download for free. Movies are freely available to download from here.

You Heard it right !! The movies for which we have to pay in Theatres.

Hdmovieshub also have a wide collection of movies in their Website. 

From any genre to any language, no movie is hidden from Hdmovieshub.

They not only provides the Movies you supposed to watch. But they also provide movies on same day release. These are generally in so called "Hall Prints".

But User Satisfaction is must.

All types of movies are present in the website of Hdmovieshub. The site is able to provide movies from Bollywood, Hollywood as well as South India.

It provides people with much awaited movies and Web Series.

Hdmovieshub also provides Hollywood movies with Hindi Dubbed Version. Its kind of a great pleasure to visitors, as they receive all kind of stuff in single platform.

Television shows are not far from Hdmovieshub. You can download your favourite TV shows for free.

TV shows might cost you...!! But here, its free.

Hdmovieshub could be your full entertainment package. A person can easily watch and download all kind of stuff from here.

That sounds amazing..!!

But wait, before you directly tap on to Google and try to surf Hdmovieshub. I want to make you ride through my cost.

This will surely let you know about Hdmovieshub.

I will answer some of the top notch questions that keep revolving over internet about Hdmovieshub.

Stick to it..., and read Full post.

I have a lot of Information about Hdmovieshub.


How does Hdmovieshub Works ?

The working is simple, just like other movies and Torrent site works. Its kind of popular, that's why we are talking about Hdmovieshub.

Hdmovieshub provides their users with perfect UI and Website Optimization. Its very easy to use the website if you are new to Hdmovieshub.

This site consists of a search bar centre top where you can enter the name of your favourite movie. It will fetch the results in microseconds if its available.

The site is well organised with top releases in the homepage of site. Its easily accessible and movies can be watched or downloaded directly from homepage.

Hurrah !! From Home page directly. 😱

Well I have made count of some of the working features of Hdmovieshub.

Wherever is pros..,cons also exists..

One of the main problem that occurs to most of the visitor while finding a way to download their favourite movie or TV show.

The site contains enormous type of ads. These are pop-up ads, Popunders and Push Notification ads.

These generally make trouble to User Experience, even though he found the site to be fabulous.

Ahhh.. Ads really annoy me..!

This is the main reason why Hdmovieshub is becoming tough to be used by new users.

This gives terrible experience to the users.

I have made you know about how Hdmovieshub website actually works and what kind of User Interface you are going to get there.

Let's move to our next topic and find How you actually access the site.

Its not easy dude, its requires Knowledge...

As I have already discussed that Hdmovieshub provided movies and Video Related content for free.

This type of Content is purely paid but you are getting it FREE !!

Sounds Suspicious !!

When video related content like Movies and Web Series are made available on Internet for free then this process is called PIRACY.

This is why in India sites like Hdmovieshub and other torrent sites are banned.

You cannot access the site directly while sitting at home.

I will share a trick on How to open Hdmovieshub site for free.

The trick will be shared for both Mobiles and Desktops.

For Mobile Users

The following steps will guide you way on how to open Hdmovieshub site in your mobile or Android Device. Just make your way through these steps :-

1. First you need to have a VPN app installed in your Phone.

2. The App can be downloaded from Play Store (e.g Droid VPN)

3. Then you need to Open the App and connect your network through server of other country.

4. Hit the Connect Button.

5. The VPN will get connected.

6. Now surf any type of blocked site in your mobile for free.

7. Hdmovieshub can also be opened and surfed with this trick.

For Desktop Users

I also have an amazing trick for Desktop users. By using this trick the user can easily surf Hdmovieshub site on their desktop devices. Follow my given steps to accomplish the task :-

1.  First visit chrome web store for downloading an Extension.

2. You need to open chrome web store and search VPN there.

3. A list of VPN extensions will be shown to you.

4. Now select any one of the extension and Install it to your chrome.

5. Now open chrome and before surfing internet just click on the VPN button shown at the top of chrome bar.

6. By clicking it, Hit the connect button with country of your choice.

7. All type of banned sites will open and you can also surf Hdmovieshub also by this method.

Bonus Tip :- The users can also use Opera's VPN inbuilt Browser for Smooth and Easy surfing of Internet.


Hdmovieshub New Links and Domains

Hdmovieshub has remained as one of the top piracy hub in India.

Its for sure that no legal autority ( like Government of India and Google ) will let them allow to provide movies freely over Internet.

It also promotes piracy which is not legal in Law of India.

That's why Hdmovieshub never stands out on Internet as a single website or Domain.

This website is punished by Google when it come to the eyes of Google.

Actually DMCA strikes are issued to this sites for copyright infringement and then Google takes action by removing it from its search engine.

Its right that Government also bans such sites but these become available again by redirecting old website into a new domain.

Hdmovieshub keep changing their domains whenever banned by Government. We have listed some top domains that have been used by Hdmovieshub.

These domains are :-

1. Hdmovieshub .com

2. Hdmovieshub. in

3. Hdmovieshub. cc

4. Hdmovieshub. xyz

5. Hdmovieshub. info

6. Hdmovieshub. biz

7. Hdmovieshub. mobi


How to download Movies from Hdmovieshub ?

As I have already explained how e to open the Hdmovieshub site easily on your mobile and desktop devices.

I am going to share on how to download movies from Hdmovieshub site.

You all well know how to get access to the site, but sometimes you can easily make way to website by searching on Google.

If you are fortunate then you can find the site easily on search results and if you don't, then use my above techniques.

I will share steps with you by which you can download and watch movies from Hdmovieshub.

Just follow these steps :-

1. Visit Hdmovieshub site by above method or searching on Google "Hdmovieshub"

2. If you are looking for latest release, you will find it on Homepage.

3. If you don't find, enter the name of movie in Search bar.

4. Now select the movie and select in which quality do you want.

5. The movie will start downloading in your internal storage of Device.

6. Enjoy watching movie...!!

These are the simple steps by which you can easily download and enjoy movie for free.

Not Just movies, but Hdmovieshub provides a large variety of Web series, Movies and TV shows.

There has been a number of labels in the site which make it easy to navigate and surf through various types of content available on Hdmovieshub.

The method for downloading your favourite Web Series or TV Shows is same as stated above.

I am sure you are loving it.

Let's now get into different Movies and Web Series recently available on Hdmovieshub Website.


Latest Bollywood Movies Available on Hdmovieshub

As we have already discussed that a lot of Bollywood movies are freely available on Hdmovieshub.

You can easily download them with single click. Old from new every movie is available on Hdmovieshub.

A person can find different genres movies also. Hdmovieshub has remained complete package for Entertainment (especially through Bollywood Movies).

You can also use their search bar for finding your favourite movie or TV show. No matter which movie you search, its 99.9% chance that movie will be available there.

Another top feature is that movies - Hit from Flop, all are available on Hdmovieshub.

Some of the latest and Hit films available on Hdmovieshub are listed below :-

Baghi 3 on Hdmovieshub

Top Star, Tiger Shroff and Shradha Kapoor starred movie is leaked on Hdmovieshub site. In 2020, the movie was released and made count to top Hit films.

The site leaked that movie for free in "Theatre Prints"

The same day movie was available on Hdmovieshub for downloading. Not even the same day, but just hours after movie release.

Thank god to the terrible prints available on start. A lot of people disapproved the quality of Prints.

Later days, the good and HD Prints were also made available on their site.

Angrezi Medium on Hdmovieshub

Another movie in 2020 named "Angrezi Medium" was also leaked by Hdmovieshub site.

The movie is starred by Irfan Khan and Kareena Kapoor. The movie was amazing but didn't get to people too much.

The situation due to Covid-19 Lockdown made film worse on Box Office Collection.

This movie was also leaked by Hdmovieshub on their site on same day of release.

Bhoot: The Haunted Ship on Hdmovieshub

Another big film of the year, Bhoot: The Haunted ship was made available for free on Hdmovieshub Website.

The movie was starred by Vicky Kaushal and the Plot of Movie is super Amazing.

But the sad part is that this movie also fell to Hdmovieshub.

Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior on Hdmovieshub

Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior is top grossing movie of 2020. It broke several records and become most successful movie of the year.

The movie was starred by Ajay Devgan. His role was also well furnished in the movie. The Movie made its name counts in every big achievement.

But the movie also made its name in being pirated. Hdmovieshub also provides Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior to their users in free of cost.

Street Dancer 3D on Hdmovieshub

The Varun Dhawan starrer also fell prey to Hdmovieshub as the movie got leaked on same day on release.

The Plot of movie was nice but not fantastic. It was nice to see the dance in Movie.

The movie somehow managed to come close to ₹100 Crore club.

A lot of users downloaded Street Dancer 3D on their mobiles for free from Hdmovieshub Website.


Latest Hollywood Movies Available on Hdmovieshub

I have already told that torrent site "Hdmovieshub" has wide range of movies and Web Series available on their Website.

But Do you want to get glimpse into it ?

Hdmovieshub not only provides their users, movies from Bollywood only. A large part of Hollywood is also under this site.

A large number of Hollywood Movies are Daily Uploaded on Hdmovieshub and downloaded by their users.

Even a large people requests old Hollywood movies and admin makes it available to them.

From any genre to any category, every makes its presence over Hdmovieshub.

Even our Most Favourite Marvel and DC Movies are also available here.

The Entertainment like Angry Birds is provided over here. From Superhero to Natural Man, From Hot to Cold - Every movie is on Hdmovieshub.

The list is so large that I can't get it here, but I could give you an Idea of which movies available fresh on Hdmovieshub.

Some Hollywood Movies released recently and being uploaded on Hdmovieshub has been listed below :- 

1. Extraction

2. The Invisible Man

3. 6 Underground

4. Onward

5. Bloodshot

6. Fantasy Island

7. Bad Boys for Life

8. DoLittle

9. Jamanji: The next Level

10. 1917

Latest Web Series Available on Hdmovieshub

Hdmovieshub not only provides users with Bollywood and Hollywood movies, but the site also provides Web Series to users.

Web Series are becoming popular nowadays and everyone is becoming fond of it.

Both Hindi and English Web Series keep trending on India. A lot of people kept waiting for new Web Series or new season of their favourite Web Series.

Hdmovieshub provides Web Series in all possible resolution qualities. These are High Definition (HD) quality and 300 MB also.

Web Series are also known for their harsh language and inadequate scenes.

A lot of People love to watch these Web Series to remain Entertained.

Some of the India Web Series Leaked online by Hdmovieshub are listed below :-

1.  Pataal Lok

2. Marzi

3. Hacked

4. Guilty

5. Naked

Why Hdmovieshub Banned in India ?

The content available on Hdmovieshub is purely Pirated and banned in India. This type of Piracy is prohibited in India.

Ahhh.!! I have already explained it.

The paid content which is provided for free is called "Pirated Content". This is called Piracy and its against law in India.

There have been a lot of torrent sites like Hdmovieshub which provides pirated content over Internet.

That's the main reason why Government of India banned these sites.

Not just Government and Law of India, but Google also bans or de-index such sites which provide Pirated Content.

But the sites like Hdmovieshub regularly changes their domains or site name so as to remain available over internet all the time.

A lot of users visit these sites using Proxy or VPN method. Sometime the site remain available to users by just searching over internet.

The Main Reason for being ban of Hdmovieshub is LOSS.

A lot of filmmakers afford huge loss due to Piracy of their Movie or Web Series.

This loss can even grew up to a height of Several Crore Rupees.

When added of all movies, this loss could become so large for Film Industry.

That's why these Practices are banned in India.

But due to large population, its kind of Impossible task to get rid of these Websites.

Almost thousands of Website are over Internet, in which Pirated Content is provided.

Is it safe to Download Movies from Hdmovieshub ?

Absolutely NO !!. Its not safe to download movies from Hdmovieshub Website. This is a torrent site and provide illegal content over Internet.

Just think about Illegal things...!!

Have you ever made to Jail ? Have you ever done something wrong that is Punishable by Law ?

I might hear that you have not done this kind of things.

Then, why are you trying to use sites like Hdmovieshub. These sites are not authenticated by Google and Government of India.

There have been a lot of reports that these websites are phishing and spammy websites.

When you visit these sites, possibility rises of being phished.

These sites actually provide you movies for free but they were encoded by themselves.

How could you say that the movie file will not contain any malware ?

I am saying malware, it could be Spyware also.

Its real threat to Privacy on such sites. A lot of sites also use screen recording feature on their sites.

These softwares easily record your screen when you visit in their site.

Its naturally done to calculate the search intent of visitor. But again its threat to Privacy.

Another threat is breaking Law of India..!

When you Jump red light, or you forgot Driving License - Then what happens ?

Its kind of fear that I will have to pay or may be more.

So when you are frightened from it, then why not from these actions.

According to Anti-Piracy Law, you cannot upload or share Paid Visual or Audio content over internet until and unless you don't have copyright to it.

This law abides piraters from uploading movies over internet.

But the sad part of the law is that NO ONE FOLLOWS IT !!

Its generally because there have been a lot of sites available on Internet that keep doing Piracy.

Just like Hdmovieshub, other sites also upload movies from here and there. This cycle keeps rotating and movies remain available to internet.

So I will only say that STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITES..!!

This sites can make your pocket loose or even take you to JAIL !

Other Illegal Alternatives of Hdmovieshub

There is not one such site like Hdmovieshub, but there have been hundreds of Websites on Web that provide pirated Content.

I have categorized Best 5 Websites that works in flow like Hdmovieshub.

These are also Piracy Websites and You can Also call them "Torrent Sites"

Interested to see, LETS GO...

The Following are some 5 Best Torrent Sites that I have categorized for you :-


Hdhub4u is another torrent websites and also provide a lot of paid content in Free.

Its so Simple to use Hdhub4u and download Movies for free.


Tamilmv is another best site for downloading movies and Web Series for Free.

The working of Tamilmv is same like Tamilrockers.

It also delivers content fast to their users.


Mp4Mania provides you free movies to Download and its simple to use.

Downloading movie from Mp4Mania is so easy.

It also contains latest movies and Web Series.


Moviespapa works on the same theme of Hdhub4u. It is easy to use just as Hdhub4u.

Moviespapa provides latest Movies in fast time.

It also let you download movies from various download links.


2movierulz is one of the greatest website for downloading movies for free.

It works same as Movierulz Website works and we all know how popular is Movierulz.

2movierulz is also so popular among its users and keep providing movies and Web Series on same day of release.

How does Hdmovieshub Earns Money ?

Hdmovieshub uses a lot of methods to earn money. But the most common method is by advertising.

Advertising means serving ads., from any source or directly to their site.

A lot of Programs out there which shows ads in Publishers Website.

But Reputable sources such as AdSense or Media.net never allow such torrent or movie sites to show ads from their network.

But there have been a lot of Ad Networks like Popads and Several others provide pop up and pop under ads to these Websites.

Sites like Hdmovieshub uses these AD networks in order to generate most of their revenue.

You have also seen that a lot of websites like Hdmovieshub also uses these pop networks and you have to visit to a lot of pop ads.


I have told you a lot about Hdmovieshub in this post.

Now its up to you that you want to download movies from Hdmovieshub or not.

From my side, I will not tell you to download movies from Hdmovieshub. 

As you already seen that there have been lot of cons instead of pros of Hdmovieshub.

That's al for it.,

Tell me how was the post by commenting below...k

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