CoronaVirus is in third stage from last 4 Days, jumps 2,900 cases up in 1 Day

There have been new cases of Coronavirus reported in India. This time Covid-19 explodes with over 2,900 patients in a single day. The Death Toll has also risen to 1,490.


New Delhi: The CoronaVirus has been spreading in India for the last 4 Days. There have been record Increases in the cases of Coronavirus. On Monday, 2,900 new cases have been reported in India. There have been a total of 45,536 cases till now.

Last 4 Days Report

The Covid-19 cases have been rapidly increasing in India. There have been a total 10,462 cases found in just 4 Days. It comprises 34% of total cases. Last day on Monday, there were a total of 2,900 active cases found. 99 deaths were also reported on the same day. This situation is being carried out from Saturday. Total 1,490 deaths have been reported so far. Along with this around 12,763 patients recovered from Covid-19.

Death Toll rises to 1490

The death toll is increasing day by day in India and it has reached 1,490 till Monday. After Maharashtra, Tamilnadu has remained the most affected area which is getting 500 cases per day. The following states have confirmed enormous increase in Covid-19 cases :-

Maharashtra - 771
Tamilnadu - 527
Gujarat - 376
Delhi - 349
Rajasthan - 17

In Punjab also, the pilgrims from Nanded have been reported positive for CoronaVirus. There have been a lot of Covid-19 cases associated with Nanded. Haryana have also been reported with new cases. The total increment in cases has remained over 195%. 

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