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Moviespapa download movies and web series for free. Moviespapa apk to download Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free. 


Moviespapa is another website which is available over internet and provide a lot of free content online. It could be free movies of Bollywood and Hollywood. 

Moviespapa also provides movies of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi and a lot more. 

Moviespapa has remained available over the internet and it sort to provide us with a lot of free content which is not found easily on internet. Moviespapa has also been providing Web Series and TV shows on their Website.

In this post we will talk about the list of movies and content provide by moviespapa on internet.

We will make sure to get answer of every question that arise in mind about moviespapa. These questions could be what is moviespapa, what did they provide, is it legal to download movies from moviespapa, how do they earn and much more content will be available on this post, so let's dive into our main content.

Moviespapa Brief Introduction

Since JIO has arrived in India, it made India most consuming nation of internet data. It laid to many things. People started to look upon for free Bollywood and Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies for free on Google.

It made the start of many movie downloading website such as Moviespapa, Tamilmv, Hdhub4u, Mp4Mania and much more. 

Moviespapa is one of the website which provides movies, TV shows and your favourite Web Series for free online.

Generally the rule says that you have to buy a ticket for watching a movie on Theatre, or you should have DTH connection for watching favourite TV shows and you should have paid subscription for watching Web series.

Everything looks like paid and it needs to be if filmmakers want to earn. But the people have used so called "Internet" for getting a free method to download their free stuff. This wish to watch movies for free helped in born of moviespapa.

Talking of Moviespapa, it provides us the latest movies released in theatres and it also provides free TV shows and Web series to download in their site.

Moviespapa contains a lot of categories which provides every sort of movies and Web Series for free. The site has been using the theme used by Hdhub4u on their site. Sometimes it becomes bit confusing to determine between Moviespapa and Hdhub4u.

Moviespapa provides all sorts of movie in every possible quality. They provide links of HD quality movies as well as 300 mb movies. Moviespapa also have lot of movies available on their site in 480P as well as in 720P.

There is a diversity in culture of India. India provides almost tons of movies every year which is way more than any country. The movie produced in India is not just on Bollywood but in other languages also.

Due to a large population of India, there are numerous people who are willing to watch their regional language movies along with other Hindi and English movies also. 

Moviespapa is also providing a lot of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi Movies which people are willing to watch.

This lead a lot of categories provided on moviespapa site, some of them are Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi dubbed, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati as well as Pakistani.

Moviespapa have almost all sorts of latest as well as old movies available. This make the site more engaging when they provide old movies also for which the person is looking to download.

That's why the popularity of Moviespapa site is increasing day by day. In almost no time they have reached to million of people arriving on their site for Downloading movies in free


Working of Moviespapa

Moviespapa has been working on Internet for some years and now it has grown popular among their users. In this section we will talk about how moviespapa works and How people gain their movies from here.

The first thing you may note about moviespapa is that, it's a gateway. It doesn't provides you movies on their own site. Either they will redirect you to a host server or a cloud server.

From there you have to download your movies for free. Moviespapa has always been giving a direction to their users so that they could download movies easily.

It happens as Moviespapa will post a latest movie on their site and will also make links available from where you can download it on HD or 300 mb, you will get redirected to some other site where the movie file is hosted.

It's that simple.

But the sad part is, if you don't Download movie as soon as possible then you might not be getting the movie downloaded. It is because when a movie arrives in market, its demand is high.

That's why Google is looking and crawling all the links where such movies are provided and they blocks that URL by providing copyright strike or DMCA strike on that link.

It simply breaks the link and which you followed from moviespapa looks like broken. So getting old movies on moviespapa could be easy but getting latest ones could be a tricky one.

This is how moviespapa works and provide download links of movie to their users rather than the whole movie. 


Open Moviespapa Site

Moviespapa is illegally providing movie download links on their site which is not allowed by Google neither the Government of India. Moviespapa links or domains are removed from the Google search by google.

As the Google is not providing such sites on their search, then how they become available for their users on Internet. We will talk about it later in this post.

Let's answer first that how to open moviespapa on your device for free.

Just follow these steps and open the moviespapa site whether you would be using mobile and desktop devices.

  1. Search for proxysite on Google and open the first result.
  2. Then you would be asked to enter a URL in proxysite website and selected the server.
  3. You could select server as Europe or US.
  4. Now enter the URL in proxysite as and hit the go button.
  5. Proxysite will directly take you to the latest link of Moviespapa available on internet.
  6. Boom!! The site will open easily.

This is really easy method and it can unlock every possible site. Proxysite works both on Mobile as well as desktop devices.


Moviespapa Download Links

As we have discussed earlier that moviespapa is an illegal site which has been providing a lot of paid content for free on internet. In technical term this work is said to be Piracy and the content provided her is Pirated content

Now this thing is not liked by Google as well as Filmmakers or Producers. They kept working to keep such websites away from people as they can't download movies for free.

Google along with DMCA works for banning such sites and providing them copyright strikes. DMCA provides copyright strikes to movie sites like moviespapa and then Google takes action against them by de-indexing their Domain or URL.

That's why you found an error while visiting such websites. This leads a lot of people searching all the way on internet for New URLs and Domains of Moviespapa working right now.

This section will let you know about the latest links used by moviespapa and older links which were earlier connected and now doesn't work.

Moviespapa com

Moviespapa have already used one of the widely used .com domain on their site. At initial stage the site looks like peopel used it to get their latest movie links and download the m for free.

.com is one of the Top Level Domain and it was genuinely used by each and every movie site like moviespapa initially.

At that time there was a great convenience for users to use that site and downlod the Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free. It was very easy for them to enter the URL and browse the Website.

Moviespapa in

We all Indians have been well familiar with .in domain. Moviespapa also used .in domain as their most of the traffic was arriving from India so it became important to switch as Indian based site.

At that time the site looks like and users of India are finding it now more easily over Google. But this was the time when moviespapa have got their .com domain banned and a lot of people are left with error now. 

But the site became active again by redirecting their users to new Top level domain called .in of moviespapa.

By this thing moviespapa made bond with their users and single users became their permanent users. Thes site has been getting a ton of traffic by this time.

Moviespapa site

Now after banning two of top level domain, moviespapa was becoming active every time by changing their domains. 

List by List, I will provide you with all the older links and domains used by moviespapa.

By using the .site domain which was quite affordable that site look like and users enter this to browse moviespapa site.

Moviespapa pw

Moviespapa is changing their domains like they are changing their clothes at regular interval. But the golden time of site came on .pw domain.

This was one of the best all time domain of Moviespapa which remained working for a long time and lot of people used that domain to download their movies for free. It provided free Bollywood and Hollywood movies for a long time when having .pw extension.

The time when moviespapa used .pw domain then the site looks like and it was easily accessible for long time earlier.

Moviespapa xyz

Moviespapa have also used the new .xyz domain in recent times. The .xyz domain is one of the latest Top level domain in market. Many of the people have been using it as .xyz domain is affordable and cheap in price. 

When moviespapa was using .xyz domain, then site looks like and it was easy to navigate and download latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free.


Moviespapa Latest Download Links

Moviespapa has a lot of domains and links that have been used earlier. The site is blocked everytime by Google due to Copyright Infringement and the site changes their link everytime to become available everytime.

Moviespapa has been keep banning by Google and everytime the site changes their URL extension and becomes available for their users.
It is generally done by redirecting users from old domain to new domain.

We have already discussed some of the popular domains used by moviespapa but I will provide you with a list of lot of links of Moviespapa which was used recently or earlier.

The list of Moviespapa domains are :-

These are some of the URL extensions or Domains used by moviespapa earlier, which was discussed above.

Is it legal to download movies from Moviespapa ?

If you are looking to find that moviespapa is legal or not, then simple explanation for this question is No. Moviespapa is not legal as it doesn't provide legal content on internet.

Didn't get right what I was trying to explain.

I meant that Moviespapa is a site which is providing movie download links for free on internet. Even this is prohibited in Law of India. The website owner doesn't have any sorts of copyrights for the content.

This simply means that the content provided here is free but copyright infringed and owner of that content can issue website owner any time.

The crime of Piracy is not small in India and there are pre defined punishments for not following the law.

Moviespapa has been keep providing links of illegal content and it could lead the site owner as well as user to JAIL if found indulged in such activities.

Yes, you heard it right. Even the users of website can go to Jail under the law of India.

There has been a strong law that such people who promotes Piracy can be sent to Jail and even can be filed against FIR.

But sad part of law is that millions of people have been keep visiting sites like moviespapa for downloading free bollywood and hollywood movies. The law cannot be applied to that much large number of people.

So that's why the site owners are generally in the red zone.

I would also like to recommend you to not to download movies from sites like moviespapa as they could encrypt movie files with viruses and malware, which can harm our computer and mobile devices.


Moviespapa Web Series

Web series has became quite popular in recent years and most of the Torrent sites are also providing Web Series to their users for free download. Just like that Moviespapa have also been providing latest Web Series for free download.

Moviespapa have listed most of the popular Web series on their portal. Users can easily download most of the popular Web Series such as Mirzapur or latest Web Series for free.

Moviespapa has been quite active in field of providing latest and free Web Series on Internet. They have created a category for Web Series from where latest Web Series can be downloaded easily.

The recent Web Series listed on moviespapa are Marzi, Mirzapur, Special Ops, Dheet Patengey, etc.

Legal Alternatives of Moviespapa

There have been a lot of illegal alternatives available on internet of Moviespapa. But in this section I will be providing you with legal alternatives with which you can watch latest movies on your mobile also.

I have categorised some of the legal alternatives of Moviespapa.

These alternatives may charge you with monthly plans but these plans are really flexible and can easily be purchased for watching movies. These alternatives will cost you even less than your Hall tickets. 

I would recommend you of shifting on these Legal alternatives as they are totally legal and free from any kind of Piracy.

These legal alternatives of Moviespapa are :-

Amazon Prime Video
Hotstar Specials
YouTube Premium
Zee 5
Airtel Xtream
Voot Originals
MX Player
Sony LIV


Final Words on Moviespapa

We have already discussed a lot about moviespapa and I won't recommend anyone to download movies from Moviespapa.

It's not safe to download movies from such illegal torrent sites because it could lead you to Jail as well as inject to your devices.

On of the most common threat that keep stinging in such sites is Privacy. The site can capture your data when you visit in such sites and can also inject malware for further your details through movie files.

One of the thing I should tell you that such privacy details are sold in world of Internet at reasonable cost. So selling Your information for a chunk of money would not be a big task for such people.

That is why I again request all of the guys to remain away from such illegal sites and watch all you favourite stuff legallly. This work will not be for self but it will also be nation work as following the law of India makes us healthy citizen socially.


FAQs on Moviespapa

I have written the whole guide about Moviespapa and I am damp sure that most of your questions have been cleared about moviespapa. If some questions are left in the article, that's why I have covered this FAQs section for quick rapid fire rounds. This will clear all your doubts about Moviespapa.

Q.1 I am seeing error while visiting moviespapa site ?

It is generally because government of India has banned that particular site and you have to find the exact URL by which the site can be opened.

Q.2 Can VPN Unblock the moviespapa site ?

Yes, the moviespapa site can also be unblocked by using an VPN.

Q.3 Can I go to Jail for downloading Movie from moviespapa ?

Yes, you can be jailed for Downloading movies from Moviespapa, as the law of India tells that if you have been found indulged in Piracy, then you could have jail.

Q.4 Is it legal to download movies from Moviespapa ?

No, all the content provided in moviespapa is illegal and it is promoting Piracy. Hence, it would be recommended not to download movies and free stuff from moviespapa.

Q.5 Are music also available on moviespapa to download ?

No, as the name of the site suggest that Moviespapa is made to download movies not music. Hence music is not present here but movies are present to download for free.

Disclaimer !

Mp4adda never promotes any kind of Piracy and doesn't encourage people to use torrent site like moviespapa. We here request each and everyone to not to use sites like Moviespapa.

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