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2movierulz is another site with which we are back here on our blog. It provides a lot of Bollywood, Hollywood and South Indian movies, and that is free.

There is nothing paid in 2movierulz, which means that 2movierulz is a hub or market of free things. Not talking of real things, I am talking of free movies available on 2movierulz.

In this blog post I will be covering all sorts of doubts that arise in the minds of the people while searching on the Internet for 2movierulz.

The site is so popular on the web, a number of reports say that 2movierulz is so popular and there are almost millions of searches done per month on Google.

There are a lot of similar sites available on the Internet like 2movierulz but why is it so popular among people, well I am gonna talk about it in this post.

There are many people who have doubts related to why the content is free on 2movierulz and is it safe to download movies from 2movierulz.

People also ask on how to access websites and download movies for free on 2movierulz.
I will also provide a list of Alternatives of 2movierulz if it is unable to access.

We will also look at which type of content is available for download on 2movierulz.
So without further ado let's dive into our content and explore the movie downloading site 2movierulz.

2movierulz Intro

2movierulz has been active on the Internet for some years and now serves over millions of users on a monthly basis. It is one of the biggest torrent sites and people land here to download movies in HD.

It is a hub of movies and a lot of movies are available on 2movierulz. There are a lot of people searching for their favourite movies on 2movierulz and looking at what they found, they found their movie at no cost.

2movierulz provides the latest Bollywood, Hollywood and South Indian Movies for free. They also provide movies on release date in the best quality available.

The site has been offering a lot of free content to their users and that is at no cost. It's kind of a thing that people came crawling to 2movierulz.

The multilingual movies have been the biggest quality of 2movierulz. There is a large diversity in categories of movies.

Whether you are looking for English Movies or a Hindi Movie. Are you willing to watch a Hindi dubbed movie, that is also provided in 2movierulz.

It's kind of an attachment feeled during visiting the website. But the biggest problem with the site is…, no hosting not, the biggest problem is finding the actual URL of 2movierulz over the internet. 

If you are thinking that I will go to the Internet and search for 2movierulz and the site will open. It's not that much easy because there are a lot of factors due to which the site doesn't appear on Google search results.

We will discuss how to access the 2movierulz for free on android and desktop but before that let's find out how 2movierulz works and provide us with the latest movies for free download.


2movierulz Working

There have been a lot of people thinking on how 2movierulz works and provides us the movies.

The simple answer is how a website works. Look, the first thing you have to note is that 2movierulz is a website which provides movies. They provide us with navigation bars with appropriate tags.

These tags could be Bollywood movies, Hollywood Movies and South Indian Movies, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Web Series and a lot more.

The site never holds movies on their host and they use the redirecting techniques to serve movies to their users. The redirecting techniques have some benefits.

The first benefit is redirecting to another server reduces loads of having your own server for storing movies.

Second Benefit is that it increases the number of clicks on a site which tends to increase the overall revenue also. We will talk about how 2movierulz earn money from their website later in this post.

In 2movierulz cite a person is actually not downloading a movie from the actual site but they are downloading it with some other options. These options could be a torrent or a file host.

First One is Torrent and not only 2movierulz but many sites have been using torrents for providing movies in free of cost. Torrent is a technique which connects a host computer to the receiver's computer and then the file sharing takes place. This type of technique is so popular because no third party can interfere in such sharing of content. That is why most of the people are tended to do so.

Second way to download movies through a host. The 2movierulz provides links to host servers such as mic drop, so that people can use them to download movies for free. This method is a little bit tricky and you may have to face a lot of pop ups if it is present there. One of the drawbacks of this sharing is that Google can crawl the link of that server and mark it as 404 error because Google doesn't want that piracy got promoted.

2movierulz APK

2movierulz also has an APK file named "2movierulz App" which can be downloaded easily. The work of the app is the same as that of a website to provide movies to download for free.

But one of the most important features of the app is that you don't have to face any pop ups while using the app to download movies. No ads on 2movierulz APK made it more easier to use and that is why it is liked by most of the users of 2movierulz.

Well the app is not available on Google Play store and nor on any app store. So how would you be able to download the 2movierulz APK. 

For Downloading the 2movierulz APK you need to open the 2movierulz website and scroll down to the last, there you will see a link to the Download App. By clicking on that 2movierulz APK can be easily downloaded and installed on your device.


2movierulz blocked in India

Since you and I both know that content provided in 2movierulz site is illegal. You are hearing it right, the content provided here in 2movierulz is not legal.

The catch is that movies provided herein 2movierulz are free of cost and if you will go to theatres for watching movies, you have to pay something to watch something.

The simple thing is that If you find a paid content for free without paying anything then a special term arises for this action i.e., Piracy

Therefore content provided here in 2movierulz is fully pirated and not allowed in India.
This is why you experience an error regarding the site blocked due to Government of India actions.

Another thing that you could understand is that if you have a shop and someone sells your products for free on the market, would you feel better? The same thing is applied to 2movierulz sites as they are providing copyright protected content without any Authorization.

These are some of the reasons due to which 2movierulz is blocked in India. It is not only limited to India only, countries like the USA also bans such torrent websites.

2movierulz Open in India

There are a lot of people searching on the web to Unblock the 2movierulz site in India. Most of the people are able to Unblock but if you are one who is unable then this section will be important for you.

The Government has been banning 2movierulz on a regular basis as they provide illegal pirated content. But the website also cares for their users and becomes available everytime by changing their domain extensions.

The website redirects their users to the new working domain of 2movierulz from the old banned domain of 2movierulz.

Now there are numerous ways to open 2movierulz sites for free on mobile and desktop.

The First method is through Google search, search 2movierulz on Google and if you are lucky enough then you would find the original website available on the First Page of Google.

The second Method is through Proxy, You can visit Proxy Site and enter the 2movierulz any known domain. Then, Proxysite will automatically redirect you to the working domain of 2movierulz.

The Third method is through VPN, You can install an VPN App on your mobile or an extension in your desktop. Then connect your VPN through an USA server and run 2movierulz on your browser. The VPN will bypass your network and open 2movierulz sites.

2movierulz Latest New Links

2movierulz has remained one of the most popular torrent sites in India. Therefore, the Government has banned such sites to avoid Piracy and to demote Pirated Content.

2movierulz have always remained active whenever blocked by the Government of India. This is the main reason why sites use a lot of domain extensions. 

Some of the domain extensions of 2movierulz became so popular and I have listed some of the domains of 2movierulz in table below :-


How to download movies from 2movierulz 

Downloading movies is really easy to accomplish on the 2movierulz site. I will be recommending you with some simple steps, by following these steps you will be able to download movies easily from 2movierulz site.

The steps you need to follow are :-

You need to go to the latest working domain of 2movierulz through your browser. I have already been told how you will find the latest working domain of 2movierulz and access it.
After opening the site you will be able to find a lot of movies on Homepage as well as you will also find a search bar where you can search your favourite movie.
After selecting the movie you have to open it. 
Now choose your download option whether you are trying to download through Torrent or hosted server like mixdrop. You can also select to stream and watch online.
The movie will now start downloading after escaping some pop ups. Enjoy the movie now.

Note :- The Website uses a lot of Pop Up ads so you have to face a lot of pop-ups. You can use an adblock to avoid such pop-up ads.


2movierulz Bollywood movies

Bollywood movies have been so popular in 2movierulz and a lot of people have been downloading latest Bollywood movies in 2movierulz for free. On every release date the 2movierulz provides their users with movies at lightning fast speed.

There are a lot of latest Bollywood movies available on 2movierulz website. In 2020 also a lot of Bollywood movies have been leaked online by 2movierulz.

Baaghi 3 was also leaked by 2movierulz site and it became available on site on the same day. Baaghi 3 was leaked by 2movierulz in HD prints and high quality.

Angrezi Medium was another victim that fell prey to the 2movierulz and leaked the same day online.

Panga was another movie which has been becoming popular and leaked online by 2movierulz.

Shubh Mangal Jyada Savdhan Full movie also leaked online in HD quality by 2movierulz website

Jai Mummy Di was another leaked Bollywood movie on 2movierulz. It was also available on same day to download


2movierulz Hollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies have been great for us. 2movierulz have their own category where they provide Hindi dubbed as well as English Hollywood Movies for free to download. 

We have grown up watching Marvel and DC movie series, people in India have been so familiar with Hollywood Movies.

This is why they kept searching for Hollywood Movies to download for free. 2movierulz is a site that fulfills their dream by providing them with Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies for free.

Some of the latest Bollywood movies leaked online on 2movierulz site are stated below.

Bloodshot was one of the main 2020 movies leaked online by 2movieulz on their site. The site provides movies with Hindi dubbed facilities.

Underwater is another favourite movie that has been leaked online by 2movierulz on their site.

Sea Fever released this year has also been listed on 2movierulz, many people have been able to download it.

Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker is also available on 2movierulz and anyone can download it for free.


2movierulz South Indian Movies

There has been a huge market of movies in South India and a lot of movie viewers come from South India.

There have been a lot of people who are fans of Rajnikant or Allu Arjun or Prabhas.

It's always been crazy to see the large population of people arriving in theatres to watch movies of their favourite superstar.

2movierulz also works for south Indian movies and provides a lot of regional language movies for free. 

These are Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada movies which have been available on 2movierulz and there has been a lot of visitors available from South India.

2movierulz provides all sorts of latest South Indian Movies on their sites, whether in dubbed or original languages.  

Some of the latest leaks stated on 2movierulz website are :-

Samurai: Ek Yodha
Angaare (2020)
Lady Don (2020)
Real Sultan (2020)

2movierulz Web Series

Web Series have been becoming so popular in India and a lot of people visit daily on 2movierulz for Downloading web series for free.

2movierulz also provides a lot of Web series on their site from which a user can download it easily.

I have mentioned some of the popular Web Series that have been leaked recently by 2movierulz.

Maska is a Netflix fabulous web series that has been leaked online on 2movierulz. The Web Series is easily accessible.

Marzi which was featured on Voot Originals was also leaked online by 2movierulz and users are loving the Web Series.

Naked the favourite web series of Youngsters of India is also leaked by 2movierulz and anyone can find it on their site.

Dheet Patengey which was recently released also fell prey to 2movierulz and got leaked online for free.

Special Ops featured on Hotstar Specials also leaked by 2movierulz. The Web Series was in High demand and available on their in torrent as well host servers also.

How does 2movierulz Earn money

The site has been getting millions of traffic every month, so it becomes important to earn with that amount of traffic.

2movierulz uses a lot of pop-ups ads on their site. They are not able to use banner ads as Google Adsense is not allowed on pirated sites.

That is why they use pop up ads to earn money. Hence, it can be understood that the majority of earning of 2movierulz is coming through PopAds network.

The PopAds uses touch and click gestures to provide pop ups in user's window, the publisher earn every time when a pop up impression is shown.

The average CPM is low on PopAds but due to High traffic it doesn't matter to be low CPM. The Publisher is supposed to earn thousands of dollars through websites.

2movierulz Banned In India

2movierulz is not a normal site which can be surfed in India easily. The site provides a lot of Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free, which is pirated content.

The Law of India never allows such sites to remain available over the Internet as they are not legal in the eyes of law.

2movierulz has been banned in India since it works against the law of India.

The law of India says that Piracy is a crime and it should not be done or promoted, but 2movierulz does almost reverse to it.

They not only promote Piracy but they also do Piracy. I have already explained to you that Piracy is providing paid content for free such as movies, softwares and courses.

These are reasons why 2movierulz has been banned in India and cannot access it by sitting in India.

Since Piracy is crime, not only India bans such sites but the United States of America also bans such sites which have been promoting Piracy.

There have been some strict rules and regulations if someone is found to be indulged in Piracy.


Is it safe to download movies from 2moviesrulz

I will say No, downloading movies from 2movierulz has never been so good and you should not practice it.

I know that it hurted you but this is the sad reality because anyone who downloads a movie from 2movierulz can be termed as a convict in promoting Piracy.

I will never recommend anyone to download movies from such sites because there has always been a risk in downloading content from sites like 2movierulz.

The first threat is device issue, these sites are fully able to inject malware to your desktop and cause serious problems in your device. They could also steal your Privacy details by injecting spy malware. If you are on 2movierulz APK then you're on big threat, because a lot of permissions need to be given to run the app. These permissions are the biggest threat yet.

The second threat could be Law and order, as by downloading movies for free which needs to be paid through 2movierulz, you are promoting Piracy. It has always remained a crime to download movies from such sites. You could also go to Jail if the Police find you indulging in such activities. So from my side, it's never safe to download movies and use the 2movierulz website.

Illegal Alternatives of 2movierulz

There have been a lot of sites available on Internet like 2movierulz, I would be informing you about such sites in this section.

These sites also provide free movies and content just like 2movierulz. Since these are illegal alternatives so I am not recommending these sites.

If you want legal alternatives to 2movierulz then you can scroll to the next section.

Here are some of the illegal alternatives of 2movierulz,

Hd Tube4u has been remained available over internet for long time and providing free movies to their.

Mp4Mania is another movie downloading site which offers a simple interface and easy download.

Tamilmv has grown in recent time and became popular among people. The site also provides a lot of free content over the Web.

Moviespapa is a nice site providing movies and TV shows for free to their users. They have been active in the market for quite years.

7starhd red is one of the favourite sites of people and millions of people visit there every month in order to download the latest movies.

9kmovies is fabulous and provides movies to their users at fast speed. This site is very popular.

Legal Alternatives of 2movierulz

I have informed you about illegal alternatives of 2movierulz but I am not here to recommend you to illegal things. This is the main reason I strongly recommend you these sites.

These sites are far better than 2movierulz and provide quality content to users at flexible cost.

By Paying a small amount of money you can watch your favourite Movies for free. These sites offer Monthly as well as Yearly plans according to need of users

The sites I have been offering you are discussed below,

Amazon Prime is a master of such content and not only provides you with movies, they give you songs and a lot more.

Hotstar Specials is another mine favourite, because it has been providing Web Series and movies at reasonable costs.

Voot Originals is a nice site and I recommend you to use it. Who doesn't know about Marzi, one of the best web series. That too streamed in Voot Originals.

Netflix is mind blowing and I should mention it earlier. It provides you a lot of content and you are not going to be running out of content anytime.

Zee5 is one of my favourites as you are able to watch a lot of Web Series and Unlimited content at a reasonable cost.

These are some of the legal alternatives of 2movierulz and it has been so good to use. I would strongly suggest you shift to legal ways for watching movies rather than illegal ways.

There are some more legal alternatives of 2movierulz that has been listed below:-

MX Player
Go Movies

Hence it has been recommended by me to use one of these sites for entertainment instead of 2movierulz. It is legal and malware free.

Final Words on 2movierulz

2movierulz is a site which provides free content such as movies to download. Users get such content for free without paying anything.

But the reality is that it should be stopped now, because there is a lot of money lost by the entertainment industry in India.

It results in a lot of loss of money that has been invested in movies by filmmakers. They may lose a lot of money just because of Piracy. 

Only the Piracy also makes the future of new generation actors so difficult. It can be understood by this example.

If a new actor or actress got their debut in Bollywood then there may be a less number of people willing to watch the movie. In such a case the new actress or actor can't get much out of their first movie.

It is generally because sites like 2movierulz leaks all sorts of movies. The movies of such emerging actors also fall prey to pirates.

I hugely condemn such actions and just think by yourself that if someone starts to sell your home things for free to someone else, even though you have the right to it.

It feels bad to have all rights but not able to do anything. 

The law of India is strict but there has been no expansion in this law which results in free piracy by sites like 2movierulz.

A simple maths can be understood that, if a Lac people downloads a movie from 2movierulz then filmmakers can approximately lose tons of crores rupees. 

So if you have been doing Piracy or indulged in promoting Piracy then I would suggest to stop right. 

Don't think of Yourselves only, think of the new filmmakers who have been here for the first time in the Entertainment Industry.

Just think that your one free download can make that person lose thousand rupees. This will be a work done on the nation 's side. Think of Nation and its people first, not your entertainment.


All the content provided here never urges a person to be involved in Piracy. We Mp4 Adda never promotes Piracy and want people to leave Piracy in sake of some money. I strongly recommend my audience to use genuine and trusted sources for your entertainment. 

Look, movies could be your entertainment but it's someone's earning to live.

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