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Mp4Mania 2020 provides full Movies to Download, they have Mp4Mania Mobile movies and Mp4Mania WWE download for free in HD quality. Mp4mania torrent sites.


Mp4mania is an illegal website that is staying around our web all the time. Now you may have heard of Mp4Mania.

Not heard !! Seriously

Click  to visit Mp4Mania

Then you are not a diehard movie lover.
Because Mp4Mania provides a lot of free contents on their site such as free Bollywood, Hollywood and Hindi dubbed movies to download on our device at no cost.

The Website have grown in recent years since after the rise of JIO telecome in India.

We Indians love free that's why we ate free food very first, we go to free birthday parties and many more.

This is all right I know.

But our wish to get everything for FREE takes us to a path of crime. Downloading Movies for free from Mp4Mania or some other torrent site can really make you do a crime at no time.

Doesn't believe on me ?

I will show you, Just read this article till end. I swear you will have only three letters to say i.e., OMG.

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What is Mp4Mania ?

Mp4mania is a torrent or movie downloading website. It provides all sorts of Bollywood, Hollywood and TV shows or Web series.

If you want a movie named…., Suppose "XYZ" then I am sure you will find it out there. 

This site totally releases all the movies in HD prints. No movie escapes from the clinches of Mp4mania.

The site makes their users Happy by providing them all sorts of movie just after Releasing.

Users are also becoming friendly to this site and Mp4mania has grown a lot in recent years.

Mp4mania have all genres movies for their users. They have Bollywood, Hollywood as well as Hindi dubbed movies for free.

Mp4mania also provides a lot of TV shows. They have Kapil Sharma Show as well as WWE listed on their site.

As you know that Web Series are growing nowadays. All people seems to look for Free Web series to download. This is why Mp4mania now provides Web Series also in their site.

All diehard movie lovers love this site so much. That's why Mp4mania is so popular nowadays.

Talked enough.,uhh. 

Let's get your mind on How these things work.

How do Mp4Mania provides us latest movies and Web series in HD quality.

Mp4mania latest movies download

How does Mp4Mania Works?

Look Mp4Mania is a site that provides exactly movies.
Now what this I am telling.

Let me tell you, Mp4Mania provides us the movie exactly not the movie download links. That means they host movie files on their own server.

This quality of Mp4Mania makes it Bigger than any other movie downloading site.

They provide latest movies by Uploading them to their own server.

Another advantage of this thing is that the moderator of Mp4Mania always make the file available for you.

On other sites you might go to other servers for downloading movies but a lot of times you may have found that the link is broken or expired. 

This problem doesn't persists with Mp4mania because the movie files are generally present in their site. You don't have to go anywhere for Downloading your favourite movie.

The main purpose of Mp4Mania is to provide all's let of content to their users.

"All sorts of Content" - I meant all sorts of Paid Content.

Mp4mania not only offers the service of latest movies but they also provides movies in different quality.

Let's suppose if a person wants to download movie in 1080P then he would go to that preferred version of movie.

Sounds Great..!! 
Mp4mania also provides movies in low qualities for low end devices.

Users who want to save their data can even go for 480P Bollywood movie from Mp4mania.

Mp4mania not only have their site stinging out on Internet. They also have their APK to download for.

On Mp4Mania APK you can latest Bollywood, Hollywood and Hindi dubbed movies at a single click.

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Mp4Mania APK download

Mp4mania have their site which is enough for movie lovers. But many users have problems of ads on their site.

That's why they have already launched their APK to make things even more easier.

The Mp4mania APK does not have ads and a person can easily use their mobile apk. 

The mobile app provides another feature that is watching movies Online.

Yes you can also watch movies online on Mp4mania APK for free.

But the only concern with this feature is that it consumes a lot of data.

That is why I recommend you to download movie rather than watching it online on Mp4mania APK.

The Mp4mania APK is really much faster than website of Mp4mania. The Mp4mania APK hold all the requests easily and can fetch your loved one movie in no time.

Mp4mania APK Features

Since then the app of Mp4mania has launched, it has made life even more easier of all the hardcore movie lovers.

It is very easy to download and install APK on mobile phone rather than visiting website.

The Mp4mania APK releifs you from finding exact Mp4Mania website links.

The APK is much faster than the website and it's so much popular among the users of Mp4mania

Some of the details of Mp4mania APK is listed below :-

APK Name
MP4Mania APK
File Size
13.2 MB
Android 4.0 or Above
English, Hindi, Tamil
Last Updated

Mp4mania latest movies download

Mp4Mania New and Old Links 

We know Mp4Mania has been kept around us for a long time. But overall they are not doing the work they should do.

They are actually providing movies and TV shows even WWE shows illegally.

That is why whenever they came in eyes of Indian Government, the site's domain is blocked.

But Mp4Mania is quite enough so that they book every sort of domain and becomes active whenever their domain is blocked by Indian Government.

Here is the list of some of some of the domains used by Mp4Mania to provide free Movies on their site.

How to open Mp4Mania Website ?

As know that Mp4Mania is not a legal site. It's not possible that you could remember all these links.

It is also not possible that might be link you found would not be broken or blocked by the Government.

So if you really looking to acess Mp4Mania for free then stick to this post I will share some techniques with you. These Techniques will surely open Mp4Mania for free.

For Mobile Users

If you are a mobile user and want to acess Mp4Mania for free on your mobile then follow the given instructions :-

  1. First open your Play store and download any VPN and get connected to it.
  2. Then open the website link from the list of Mp4Mania links given above.
  3. VPN will unblock that website for you by redirecting you to latest working URL.
  4. Now enjoy or download movie of your choice.

For Desktop Users

If a person is looking to unblock the Mp4Mania site using their Desktop then follow these steps :-

  1. Similar to mobile you can use VPN on desktop by Downloading it from Chrome Web Store.
  2. Get connected to VPN and access the website.
  3. Now Download Latest movie of your choice

Alternative :- If you don't want to download VPN, then Go to or and open the website URL from above list.
The Mp4Mania will be opened by itself.

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Mp4Mania Download Movies

Mp4Mania is a torrent or pirated website. Wolf he content provided here is purely illegal and none of the content present here is owned by Mp4Mania.

That's why Government and Filmmakers doesn't like such kind of websites on internet.

This is why Google kept banning these sites for a long time ago.
But these sites again become active on web after being banned.

You have now started to smell that downloading movies from such sites is neither easy nor safe.

But if you really want to download movies from such sites, then you can do it on your own risk. Just follow the steps given below and see what's coming next :-

  1. First Open the Movie site Mp4Mania through instructions that were told above.
  2. Now go to your perfect category or you can simple use their search bar for searching your favourite movie.
  3. Click on the movie you want to download.
  4. Now the important step is to back up all the pop ads. Since content provided here is illegal so they use too many pop up ads for monetizing their site.
  5. Click on Back Button as soon as the pop ads appears.
  6. Now lastly you will move to final point where you have fill Recaptcha form.
  7. After completing Recaptcha the movie start playing automatically.
  8. Now you can download or watch it online. 

Mp4mania latest movies download

Mp4Mania WWE

Mp4Mania is one of the most popular category in Mp4Mania homepage. Hence I thought to list it here.

Mp4Mania not only provides you a Lot of Bollywood, Hollywood and Hindi dubbed movies but they also provide a number of TV shows.

Among them WWE is one of my favourite and I think yours too.

Look, who doesn't like watching WWE, even less than a percent. That's why for increasing their popularity, they used to provide all sort of free contents. This also includes WWE shows.

Many of the Indians doesn't have paid DTH connection, that's why they look for free contemt online and came landing up on WWE page.

The Category Mp4Mania WWE provides latest WWE shows such as Weekly Monday night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown.
Mp4Mania WWE also provides a lot of Pay-per-view events or Special Events such as WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, Survivor Series, etc.

15 Legal Alternative of Mp4Mania 

You have gone to a lot of websites that are fake and don't provide your content.
In some you have also found your content but trust me these all are totally Illegal.

I have also given a list of best 15 Legal alternatives of Downloading movies.
Name of Legal Alternative
Amazon Prime
Hotstar Specials
Voot Originals
YouTube Premium
Popcorn Flix
Sony Crunch
MX Player
Sony LIV
Ice Movie
Yes Movies
Go Movies
Airtel Xtream

Mp4Mania Blocked in India

If you are thinking that you will go to Google and pop your search "Mp4Mania" and click on number one search result.
And BOOM! the site will be opened.
Then you are 101% wrong. Because it ain't gonna happen.

India Government and law does not allow such Pirated content to be available on internet for free.

The movies provided here on Mp4Mania is purely illegal and they are uploaded without any concern of Filmmakers.

Hence the site owner doesn't have any legal rights on that movie.

That's why this practice is punishable by the law of Indian Government.

Although the movie site Mp4Mania is blocked on internet but it is keep changing their links for cheating the Government law.

Since there is huge population in India so it becomes almost impossible for Police to get identify these site owners and arrest them. They often cheat the Police by loaction hackings and fake locations.

Almost thousands of Websites are available on Google and they are providing a lot of free stuff to their users.

Since the number is so much high so it becomes impossible for Indian law to get rid of any type of Piracy from India.

Mp4mania latest movies download

Is it safe to use Mp4Mania ?

The very simple answer is NO. Downloading content from such torrent or movie site has always been risky. The content provided here is not malware free and can inject malware to your device.

A lot of sites also uses spy malware that not only steals your Personal information but also send it to another host.

You would be wondered that a lot persons stinging aroung black web market buy such information on much amaount of money from the site owner.

One another thing that needs to be thought by the user is JAIL.

No one of us want to go to Jail and get punished by law.
But downloading movies from such sites can even take you to the Jail. 

Now you may be thinking that I have just only downloaded movie. But my friend, the law of India also punishes those persons who are promoting Piracy.

In this case you are a person who is promoting Piracy by downloading it or sending it to some other peoples.

FAQs on Mp4Mania

Although I have written this whole guide on Mp4Mania but I will be sure that a lot of people have questions in their mind about Mp4Mania.
In this section I will be covering some answers of the questions that are common to most of the people.

So let us start the QnA section :-

Q.1 How do Mp4Mania becomes active after every blockage ?

You well know that there are almost thousands of domain extensions available on Internet. These type of content downloading sites books every domain and redirects to another whenever the link is blocked by the Government of India.

Q.2 Why you see error when visiting Mp4Mania ?

It is generally because the URL is blocked by Google. Hence you have to use VPN or Proxy to unblock the website.

Q.3 How do VPN unblocks Mp4Mania ?

Since the VPN bypasses the packets of internet sent by your Internet Service Provider and pretends to be packets sent from different location. This eventually changes our location and site got unblocked.

Q.4 Why Downloading is not recommended from Mp4Mania ?

According to law of India, anyone who promotes piracy is a convict in eyes of laws. Hence if hoj download movies from such sites or planning to create such content Downloading website then you will also be convicted by law.

Q.5 What are the Punishments for Such cyber crimes ?

Imprisoned for 3 years.
Have to pay a fine of upto ₹10 Lakhs

Final Words on Mp4Mania

I know that most of latest movies provided on Mp4Mania are of free of cost. They also provide a lot of latest content first on their website.

I also know that Mp4Mania provides latest Bollywood, Hollywood and Hindi dubbed movies for free. But I have also made you feel about the Hazards of downloading content from such sites.

You should think of the filmmakers and person who makes Investment on these movies.
You should also think of new actor and actress, whose career can go down just because of Piracy.

So I want recommend anyone to download movies from such sites. You can download movies from Mp4Mania on your own risk.

Although I have also told you a lot of legal ways to download movies from.
These may charge you something but provides you a lot on monthly basis.

So I think my message has been conveyed to you all about Mp4Mania and You will think of it twice.

How's the post please let me know in the comment section.

Also let me know which legal way do you actually likes..

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