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Hdhub4u, whether you have heard the name of this website or not but after this article you will be knowing about the Website and its reality. Most of you are Movie Addict and came crawling up to this article while searching all the way on Internet for Movie downloading or "Hdhub4u". This Website is not only a gateway for Downloading your Favourite Bollywood, Hollywood Movies but also downloading a lot of other stuffs also. It could be Web series, which are becoming popular all the way on internet or Maybe your favourite TV shows or Regional Movies.
Enough of Introduction, without further ado let dive into our content.


What is Hdhub4u ?

Hdhub4u is one of the Website available on Internet where you can download your Favourite Movies and Video Watching Stuff.
Talking of Which type of stuffs do they Provide, they provide all the content such Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, TV serieals and your favourite web series.
But here's the Catch, All the content is FREE of Cost which although you guys are looking for and searching all the way on the Internet like a Ninja Warrior. Coming back again on Hdhub4u, it do have enormous amount of traffic on monthly basis. But is it safe to download your stuff from Hdhub4u, we will talk about this later in this blog post. Now next move to our next Topic..

What content do Hdhub4u Provide ?

Hdhub4u, provide us free movies to be download on our mobile or Desktop. These Websites have free to download links on other server can can be download if the Link is not Broken. Hdhub4u does not host files on its server but provide you links which are hosted on other's server. The Hdhub4u provides you all kind of Latest and Trending Movies i.e., Bollywood, Hollywood and Regional Language Movies such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Much more. These sites also offers you a Number of Web Series and Indian TV shows and Kapil Sharma Show also.
Hdhub4u provide Bollywood and Hollywood Movies in 360P, 480P and 720P Quality.

Which is Hdhub4u Correct URL and Domain ?

Hdhub4u is not a big website which is known by all the people. Although it have huge amount of traffic on monthly basis. Sometimes the URL of Hdhub4u is broken but they come up with new URL every time. Although the Website seems to be open all the time and you can access it by just searching on Google. Even after this article, if you will search out this Website you will find out with Hdhub4u.store domain.
You can simply Search it on Google and visit on their Website, But on your Risk !!. 
Yes, Why I am saying on your Risk ?. Let's Get it's Answer on Next Topic.

Is Downloading from Hdhub4u Safe or Have Risk ?

Downloading Movies from Hdhub4u is not recommended by me. Why I am saying this ? What is the Basis of my Compliment ?
Look there are Two Scenarios in which you can look this thing :-

  1. Hardware Issue :- Look downloading from these sites can take you to misleading links and there is no assurance that the link will be perfectly working and you can download movie with single click., ITS DAMP IMPOSSIBLE. Although moving around the Web, opening pop ups and link click on ads, other thing can become a gateway of Viruses in your device rather than the Movie. So you need to take care of these precautions while downloading movie.
  2. Police Arrest :- Yes, it's damp sure. Maybe you are thinking that the owner of Site is in vulnerable range but you are also in Vulnerable range as you are surfing those websites and downloading that kind of content which is not allowed legally. Short Means, ITS ILLEGAL. So I want recommended you guys to download movies from these Kind of sites.

Why is it Illegal to download Movies from Hdhub4u ?

It is illegal to download movies from Hdhub4u, it is because a films budget is more over than you annual package or maybe your lifetime package. Now filmmakers don't want that their movies sell free on Internet, they want people to go to theaters and watch their creation.
But the availability of these paid contents for free has only one term i.e, PIRACY. This is totally Illegal and you will have to pay for it through police arrest. Look it's not mandatory that everyone got arrested but nobody knows whose is next. So be aware of this thing.
Now let's understand the grief of Filmmakers, You and I know what does a movie means for Producing Staff, Director and other supporting staff. Let's understand this by simple maths, There are over 1.3 billion people in our country and considering only a small proportion of it, may be 1 Lakh download the movie through Internet then the filmmakers will lose around 5 crores for this thing. You can think that this is the least assumption, there are many million peoples who download movies from internet.
This is illegal and can't be downloaded freely.


How do Hdhub4u make money ?

Look you know what are the genuine ads. They do not serve their ads on these sites because it doesn't means sense to advertise on these type of sites. However Hdhub4u use 3rd Party Advertisement Providers such as PopAds and Url Shorteners for earning Money. It is known when you click anywhere on site, then a pop up arise taking you to a low quality ad. For this, a person earns something on every impression.
But the CPC or CPM is very low and it can't be compared to Adsense or Media.net, but 1the traffic on this site is so huge that they can make a decent amount of Income. This thing plays the vital role in earning of these websites.
The amount of dollar fluctuates between $0.50 to $2 depending upon which ad network or url shortened are you using.
So this is the whole thing how Hdhub4u actually earns.


So here we are, at the END of our blog post. This is all about Hdhub4u and you may have understood that how the site works and how visitors perform their actions on this site. 
But the matter of fact that arise is, 'Should we Download Movie From here' ? The Answer is Big NO. It is because you are not only appreciating Piracy but you are also creating problems to hundreds of Filmmakers and Yourself also. 
Yes, I am damp sure. You could be in Jail for doing such kinds of things. 
So be sure, that safety is your first Priority and it needs be implemented by each and every one of you. 
And one more recommendation from me, Please kep in mind that simple math that I told you earlier and think of Filmmakers and all small worker in that particular film.
Here, lets wrap up the Post and leave a comment below to get me know that whether you are going to download movie or not.

Good bye..,

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